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File Types That Google Can Index

When it comes to search engine indexing, there appears to be a little confusion in some quarters as to the kind of files that search engines such as Google can or cannot index. This is particularly important for SEO purposes as you need to know whether or not using specific files as part of your Web content is a complete waste of time or not since search engines do not index all types of data. As a result, we have compiled the following list of file types that can be indexed by Google and therefore have to potential of appearing on search engine result pages (SERPS). Google has been chosen as it is the most popular and most used search engine on the Internet today. Furthermore, those Web pages that are optimized for Google will usually be optimized for most if not all other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Therefore the most common page or file types whose content can be indexed by Google include the following:

  1. Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  2. Adobe PostScript (.ps)
  3. Autodesk Design Web Format (.dwf)
  4. Flash (.swf)
  5. HTML (.htm, .html)
  6. Google Earth (.kml, .kmz)
  7. Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  8. Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
  9. Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  10. Microsoft Write (.wri)
  11. OpenOffice text (.odt)
  12. OpenOffice presentations (.odp)
  13. OpenOffice spreadsheet (.ods)
  14. Text (.txt)
  15. Portable Document Format (PDF) (.pdf)
  16. Postscript (.ps)
  17. Rich Text Format (.rtf, .wri)
  18. Shockwave Flash (.swf)
  19. Text (.ans, .txt)
  20. XML (.xml)
  21. Wireless Markup Language (.wml, .wap)

Meanwhile note that while these are the currently indexable page/file types, Google is working  on increasing this list hence more files will be added to the list as they become compatible.


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