Tue, 06 Aug 2019 16:32:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Houston SEO Thu, 01 Aug 2019 14:57:43 +0000 What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or most commonly referred to as SEO, is a process that improves the rankings of your website in organic search results. The general rule is that the higher your site ranks in, the more people can see it. Thus, considering the massive population of Houston City, it is even more critical than ever for brands and organizations to step up their Houston SEO game.

Dating back to the 90s, SEO made an appearance when search engines emerged for the first time. Back then, SEO was not as distinguished as it is now. But today, it has become a crucial marketing strategy and a rapidly growing industry. If you want to learn SEO, then prepare yourself for tons of creative, technical, and analytical works. On the flip side, if you’re going to leave all SEO work in the hands of a professional, then you also opt for this. You need to find the right Houston SEO firm for your business, discuss things out, and you’re good to go.

Is SEO hard?

Giant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as other search engines index websites to determine the order of the sites that get shown on results pages by considering the various ranking algorithms and factors. Google alone examines over 200 ranking factors. Some of them are made known to the public, like backlinks, quality content, and site speed. However, many are also kept secret. Fortunately, you don’t have to know all those factors to improve your website rankings.

When it comes to Houston SEO, you can think of it as a three-layered cake. The bottom part represents the technical aspects behind your website and serves as the primary foundation. The second layer is like the content of your website. It is protected in the middle because it is the essential part. In other words, lousy content is equal to no ranking(s). Lastly, the top layer represents the quality backlinks, which will boost your site authority. It is where the toppings are placed that will further ‘sweeten’ your SEO game.

Can you learn SEO by yourself?

Despite being a dynamic field, the fundamental changes in SEO hugely influence the way search engines view your website. If you equip yourself with the critical and crucial Houston SEO topics, you can proceed SEO on your own. That said, for you to achieve this, know that you’ll be needing tons of study and practice. On the bright side, you can find loads of information on the web for free–and even find yourself a useful SEO guide–but make sure to choose wisely. Additionally, you can also register on various courses, webinars, or classes. But again, if you don’t have enough time or dedication to learn all there is about SEO, you can easily employ Houston SEO specialists, experts, agencies, or consultants to get the work done. However, doing so will no longer be free, so you need to consider your marketing budget when making this decision.

Our Houston SEO services

With the right balance between on-site and off-site SEO, our company ensures that your approach to boosting customer engagement is all-inclusive and that you see the surge in rankings that your website deserves. For instance, we look at the possible flaws behind your site design that are making it unfriendly to search engines. Some of the common blunders include slow load times, broken links, error links, and lousy site structure. Another practice we do is to determine whether your company is listed on the local business listings in Houston. Furthermore, a Houston SEO company also builds backlinks from reputable directories and produce and distribute content that is sure to generate and increase customer engagement, incorporating keywords that internet users are most likely to be searching for.


If there’s anything Houston is best known for, it is its status as the fourth largest city in the United States. Apart from this, the enormous town is also often featured in headlines as the home to NASA’s Space Center. Interestingly enough, despite this fact, Houston did not get a space shuttle. The Space City is the only city that has an equal distribution of the four major races in the country, which is why it is considered the most diverse city–even different than Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Suffice it to say, Houston is an extremely international city, language-wise as more than 90 languages are spoken in the metro area. Among the widely used are English, Spanish and (surprisingly) Vietnamese.

SEO Experts in Houston, Texas

Through an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, businesses, websites, and brands in the Space City could reach a much wider target audience, boost traffic and result in higher volumes of conversions than ever. Our Houston SEO services can help you increase your revenue and drive more customers.


Philadelphia SEO Thu, 01 Aug 2019 14:25:41 +0000 The truth about Philadelphia SEO

As we all know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the practice of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic alongside boosting brand exposure thru organic search engine results. However, in spite of the acronym, SEO, in truth, encompasses consumers as much as it covers search engines themselves. It involves understanding what internet users are searching for in the web, the answers they’re looking, the words or phrases they’re using, and the form/type of content they want to consume. In a company’s perspective, if you can answer these questions, it will give your brand an easy way to connect to those users who are looking online for the solutions/products/services your brand offers.

A winning website has to be that something

Internet users turn to search engines when they want to search or look up something online. As a thriving Philadelphia brand, you want your company to be that something. Regardless if you’re selling products, services, publish blogs, or anything else, Philadelphia SEO is a must-have. Your website has to be indexed by search engines because if not, then you lose–simple as that. Smart SEO techniques improve your rankings in results pages. Thus, the higher your rankings are, the higher your traffic will be. On top of that, if the transport is engaged, your site can expect more conversions.

To conclude, if you want your Philadelphia business to succeed with your website, then you need to do SEO. While some parts of the process may be more complicated, but most often than not, SEO success relies on common sense in addition to a few best Philadelphia SEO practices.

An SEO expert, consultant, or agency? Which is which

Determining the right type of SEO help to hire for your company depends on several factors such as your bandwidth, the complexity of your website, and your willingness and determination to learn. For instance, if all those factors are on the lower end of the spectrum, then you could implement some basic SEO yourself. If not, then you might need to hire a Philadelphia SEO expert. And if you do decide to use a professional service, it is essential to know that countless agencies and experts are claiming to offer SEO services. However, what set them apart from each other is quality. In understanding how to pick the right SEO company for your brand, you can then save plenty of time and money. Plus, the wrong SEO Philadelphia tactics can indeed inflict severe damage on your site instead of improving it, so be extra cautious.

Knowing the website/client’s goals is the key

No two persons are similar, and the same thing goes for websites. Thus, it is essential for you to and Philadelphia SEO companies like us to understand the specific business goals of your website truly. In doing so, it will help us gain lots of insights such as the areas your SEO should focus on, the places where to track conversions, and the ways to establish benchmarks.

One of the common misconceptions about SEO is that ranking and traffic are the only two key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter. However, these two are just a means to an end. Sure, SEO can help your website gain higher rankings and consequently bring in more traffic to your site, but that’s not all there is to Philadelphia SEO. After all, a top-ranking only worth so small if no one’s even clicking through to your site. Likewise, there’s only a little use in boosting your traffic if that traffic isn’t capable of achieving a more significant business objective.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania History

With an estimated 2018 population of over 1,580,000, Philadelphia–also informally called as Philly–is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. This iconic city was and still is commended by multiple American history books and records for serving as the meeting place of the Founding Fathers of the country during the American Revolution. Nicknamed as The City of Brotherly Love, which is derived from the Greek term of Philadelphia, the city was able to maintain better relations with the local native tribes and nurtured Philly’s growth into America’s most famous town during William Penn’s time. Historical facts aside, the capital of Philadelphia was the home to the first electronic computer back in 1946. It is also the place where the ‘Wing Bowl’ contest originated as the residents in Philadelphia are known for always celebrating the Super Bowl with chicken wings.


As the sixth most populous city in the United States, it’s not much of a surprise that Philly is the economic hub in the state of Pennsylvania, housing five headquarters of Fortune 1000 companies. And as of 2019, Philadelphia is the 8th largest U.S. metropolitan economy. Considering all those, search engine optimization, mainly Philadelphia SEO–which is an already a highly flourishing industry–is a field that Philly businesses, brands, professionals and websites should never overlook.

Denver SEO Tue, 30 Jul 2019 23:47:14 +0000 A Denver SEO company specializing in local search engine optimization targets the
Denver market and raises business prospects among this growing area. Gone are the
days, when to look for a plumber or an electrician, people would peek into the yellow
pages and spend hours looking for the right person in the area. With the spread of
the internet, more and more people are using the web for this purpose, which saves both
time and energy.

Denver, Colorado Search Engine Optimization for Businesses

Search engine optimization for Colorado businesses is a part of an SEO strategy
Focusing on the local market of Denver and surrounding areas. This method makes
use of specific tactics which lifts your page rank higher in the domestic sector searches for
specific search terms that are selected at the beginning of your SEO campaign.

This technique aims to deliver the much-desired visibility to your business in the
search results. This, in turn, draws in traffic to the site, ultimately resulting in better
ROI than traditional advertising mediums. A website optimized for local search will
help your potential customers locate you at your specific Denver, Colorado location.

This technique reverses the necessary process of marketing, where the seller approaches
the consumers to sustain their business. It is the other way round where you are
comfortable with your place, and your potential clients come to you asking for the
services or the products that you are offering.

For instance, suppose you are an electrician located in Denver, CO offering services
as recessed lighting, doorbells, computing cables, storm damage repairs, security
motion cells, etc. When a person in your area requires storm damage repairs service,
they will check out “electric repairs storm damage at Denver ” in the search engines.
Finding your website through the SERPs (search engine results pages), they will
check your address and your reputation, reviews and will end up contacting you about
your services. This is how local search engine optimization helps you grow your

Is Your Denver establishment visible online?

A critical aspect of any online business is to hold a good position in the search engine
results. Local search engine optimization techniques involve the addition of localized,
targeted keywords that will convert into customers for your company. The content of
the page is also optimized for these chosen, relevant keywords.

When a person performs a search for “electric repairs storm damage at Denver, Colorado,” the results
should indicate your website on the results page for the consumer to know you exist
and contact you. A necessary process undertaken is to post your address and phone
number on the homepage. A few search engines, such as Bing has a “near me” search
feature, which enables search by proximity.

Another critical aspect of search engine optimization for a local brick and mortar
company in Denver is to claim your profile at places like Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and Bing local. They have a free account creation, registration, and return provide
organic (free) web traffic to your business site.

Relevant backlinks are also an essential factor in SEO. A few quality and related inbound links and citations are
sure to work in favor of your ranking in the search engines. Furthermore, press
releases play a role in an effective organic search engine optimization strategy.

Denver SEO Expert

Denver SEO increases opportunities for local business. It is utilized for small and
local business owners. You may opt for Denver SEO Expert to make your site
optimized for local search. With a little bit of strategic optimization, targeting Denver
citizens may turn your business into the booming, profitable enterprise every business
owner desires.

Understanding SEO is the key to choosing the best Denver SEO Expert

If you’re perplexed at some matters regarding SEO, then it’ll be more difficult for you
To select the best SEO expert to work with. This is why it is imperative to know-how
it works, what could go wrong, and what things you can expect from your
agency during your collaboration.

Today, it’s easier for SEO companies to be in lousy term with Google after the Penguin
the algorithmic update was launched, which focuses on penalizes sites that aggressively
Build links. For several years, Google has been proactive at uncovering websites that
buy links or manipulate their page ranking using ways that violate their guidelines and
manually penalizes them as a consequence.

As the business owner/manager, it is your job to ensure that you are doing everything
By the book, when it comes to the SEO aspect of your business. Thus, it is crucial to
ensure that the Denver SEO company you will be working with uses only white hat
SEO techniques to avoid your site (and business) from getting punished by

Establish a long-term strategy

An SEO strategy that is created for long-term is always the better choice than one that
is not. If you’re itching for quick results, then you may invest in search engine
marketing (SEM). Google Adwords, in particular, is one of the topmost effective
SEM channels that many businesses use today as this will get your business on to of
Google search results.

White Hat SEO focuses on two different areas. First off, the SEO process starts on
your website by optimizing your on-page factors, including titles, headers, web copy,
images, videos (if there are), and navigation. When you meet or speak with your SEO
expert, make sure which parts are they able to work on in this particular area of SEO.

Another critical area is link building; however, today, the spotlight has shifted
slightly on marketing and networking with the community to persuade people to
Naturally, link to your website. In line with this, make sure also to ask your SEO
agency how they go about link building and if they will give you full reports about all
link building activities for your site.

SEO entails connecting with website owners and communities, so plenty of work is
done behind the scenes before a site mention or links is reported. Also, it is essential
to take note that each said link is valuable. Valuable in a sense that one said
link might be a product of hours of networking and marketing.

Ask for reports from your Denver SEO expert

The right SEO agency should be more than happy to give you full reports on all
updates and link building results. All on-site changes should be appropriately documented
with the date on when new pages were put up. Without useful stories, you cannot
identify the changes that resulted in a positive or negative outcome.

Lastly, make sure that every link created is included in the reports. This way, you can immediately take
necessary action on the link and content if something goes awry.

Colorado Springs SEO Tue, 30 Jul 2019 12:48:31 +0000 Colorado Springs is a home rule municipality wherein it governs itself through the home rule
charter. As a home rule municipality, Colorado Springs has the authority to declare itself to be
either a city or town. Thankfully, it chose to be the former, and now, it is one of the largest city
by area in the state of Colorado. The all-known USA Hockey and the United States Olympic
Training Center and 22 other national governing bodies of sport are all located in Colorado

It is the second-most populous city in Colorado, with the capital city of Denver being the first,
and the 42nd most populous city in the entire United States. With over 194.9 square miles of area
coverage, the city is the most extensive municipality in Colorado. At 6,035 feet, the city sits over
one mile above sea level and is situated near the base of Pikes Peak—one of the most popular
American mountains.

General William Palmer founded the city on 1871 with a vision of establishing a quality resort community, which later on became a reality as it was then considered as one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States during the late 1800s. It was once referred to as the “Little London” due to the abundance of English tourists shortly after it was founded.

Colorado Springs is a popular tourist destination for people that are into the scenery, trails, parks,
rock formations, and other unique geological features. Some of the famous places in the city are
the Garden of the Gods Park, Cave Of The Winds Mountain Park, The Broadmoor Seven Falls,
and Pikes Peak. The city is also home to several educational, historical, and cultural sites such as
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, the United States Air Force
Academy, and so much more.

TRIVIA: Colorado Springs is one of the most active lightning areas in the United States. This
circumstance brought Nikola Tesla to pick the city as the place to build his land and study

Marketing agencies Colorado Springs

There’s no stopping now. Internet marketing Colorado Springs agencies are having the time of
their lives. With the off-the-charts popularity of internet alongside technology, it has become a
necessity for every business in the city to leverage on the one thing that will bring them long-
Term success—and that is digital marketing Colorado Springs.

The importance of working with an SEO marketing Colorado Springs

For most businesses in Colorado Springs and anywhere else in the world, it is almost impossible
for them to survive without having the presence of a fully functional business website.
Nonetheless, if you want to get the most out of your business website, then it is imperative to
ensure that your site is on its most beautiful form to be discovered quickly by internet users.

To achieve this, you will have to properly optimize your website, which could be done by using the
SEO services provided by a good internet marketing Colorado Springs company, or better yet, an
exclusive SEO agency. Incorporating just the right amount of SEO work on your business
website will also help you improve your digital marketing.

The benefits of outsourcing an SEO company in Colorado Springs

Contrary to the beliefs of many people, SEO is still alive. It continues to serve its purpose
by being a major contributing factor in driving targeted potential customers to websites. The truth is,
the majority of the shoppers conduct online research before making massive purchases. And with
that alone, it should be enough to prove that SEO indeed plays a significant role in the long-term digital
strategy success.

However, what continues to be a hot topic between people today is how an SEO campaign
should be established and managed. In other words, it’s a battle between outsourcing an SEO
agency or building an in-house team.

When you outsource various works of your business website, it enables you to get more benefits
for your company. Meanwhile, many business owners are not particularly fond of this idea,
mainly because they have this misguided notion that is outsourcing an SEO or digital marketing
Colorado Springs company would mean losing control of their business. What they don’t know
is that doing exactly that will be more beneficial not just for their business but also for their
selves as the business owners.

That said, below are some of the reasons why outsourcing SEO is almost always the best option
for your business.

Guaranteed professional services

Through the help of SEO companies and marketing agencies Colorado Springs, you can now
Take comfort from the fact that you are getting reliable and professional services. These
companies will give you the professional support that your business needs because they have
extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with all things digital marketing, and
specifically SEO.

You are hiring them to work for the benefit of your business, so naturally, they should dedicate
their time and efforts in giving you the results you want. If that is the case, then you’ll have some
extra time for yourself, allowing you to do other essential things that need your attention. Your
An SEO agency will do their share of the work while you do what you’re best at—managing your


SEO is not something that anyone can master in a span of a few months. It takes years of
knowledge and experience to become well-versed in this complicated field. Even the best SEO
practices that we have presently are changing more times we can count and sometimes,
dramatically, taking us all off guard.

It’s difficult enough to keep up with the latest and best practices without completely wrapping up
yourself in the SEO world. In fact, for most businesses, they are already having a hard time
keeping up with the demands of core business practices, let alone a foreign—but vastly
significant—activity like SEO. Hence, the best option that they can do is to reach out to an SEO
marketing Colorado Springs agency and avail of their services.


Another great benefit of employing an external service provider for your company is that you
will be spending less money on these services than you will spend on hiring different employees
for each work. Building an in-house team exclusively for your company means you have to hire
them as full-time employees. In doing so, you will further need to offer them all employee
benefits that your current workers are receiving. In other words, you’ll have to spend more.

Whereas when you outsource SEO services to an SEO agency, you will only be paying for all the
works they have done at a minimal cost. On top of that, you’ll be able to get excellent outcomes
when the time comes since they have the necessary skills, knowledge, and field experience on
these things.


One of the main reasons why many businesses are looking into hiring external SEO companies
and marketing agencies Colorado Springs is because these service providers are
trained to be results-driven. They will dedicate their time and energy to improve your website
and use the best practices that work the most for your business.

The key here is to look for an SEO company that has an excellent track record in the field.
An ideal SEO firm should be able to deliver accurate and expressive results on whatever project they are working on. This is why many businesses rely on these agencies to get the job done at a lower cost and within the time allotted.

Get the best of Social Media Marketing

When you outsource SEO, you are setting your business up for a bountiful future. One of the essential services that you can get from hiring an external SEO company in Colorado Springs is
that your social media marketing is also taken care of. Social media is a promising platform that
offers tons of opportunities for businesses.

It is a place where you can quickly expand your network and reach out to a broader audience. More
importantly, it is where SEO outsourcing agencies spend plenty of hours to share your content
effectively. What it is not, is a place for you to use your precious business hours to do the same.
Leave all SMM works to your SEO agency and utilize your time for other essential things.

Quality SEO Content

Excellent content quality is a must if you want your website to have better traffic ration. In
most cases, companies don’t hire a full-time in-house writer for their content preparations.
Instead, they outsource such work with their SEO outsourcing agencies who most likely have
their respective skilled SEO content writers. These writers will be responsible for producing
weekly articles, blogs, and other attractive contents to publish on your website, and ultimately,
drive more traffic to it.

Austin SEO Mon, 29 Jul 2019 03:02:17 +0000 Austin is the capital of the Texas state that extends up to the Hays and Williamson counties,
making it one of the most populated cities in the United States and Texas, respectively. With
nearly a million people living in Austin, it is no wonder why it is one of the most progressive cities
in the United States to date.

Houston was initially the capital of Texas; however, in 1839, Austin replaced it and was first
incorporated under the name “Waterloo.” The name of the city was then changed shortly
afterward to honor Stephen F. Austin, the Father of Texas and the state’s first secretary.

During the 19th century, Austin became even more significant and was then considered the center for government
and education thanks to the presence of Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas. Later
on, the city grew into a center for technology and business. Presently, Austin is like the ‘breeding
place’ of moguls, tycoons, and larger-than-life international corporations.

Known as the live music capital of the world, the city of Austin is home to thousands of
aspiring and famous musicians. It is a place where you can see different and unique sites and
attractions. Apart from the vibrant live music that goes on every night in different venues, the
city also has food trucks and celebrity chef restaurants. Entertainment is something that you
won’t have to worry about missing out when you’re in Austin because from exhibits and
museums to outdoor activities, they have it all covered.

FUN FACT: In Austin, you can go all weird and wild the way you want thanks to their “Keep
Austin Weird” slogan. Odd, right? Or so you thought because, through this campaign, it reflects
on how Austinites—the residents of Austin—warmly accept and embrace anyone for their
individual and artistic expressions. This way, Austin can maintain its uniqueness and
eccentricity that many cities don’t have nowadays.

Austin: A garden place for flourishing businesses

Known as the fastest-growing large city in the United States, Austin is an excellent place for all types
and sizes of companies to grow into. Several giant companies have their headquarters or
regional offices stationed in Austin. To name a few of these renowned businesses, we have
Amazon, Apple Inc., eBay, Google, PayPal, and Intel.

For those large corporations and even small businesses in Austin, one of the key players that
led them to their success is SEO. Most of them, if not all, likely have employed reputable
Austin SEO consultants to help them achieve their business’s SEO needs.

That said, how could a business know that the Austin SEO company they hired is a good one?
Or better yet, what questions should they be asking before hiring an SEO agency?

Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Austin SEO Company

Working with the right Austin SEO agency is one of the most critical decisions your business
will make. You know you have the ideal SEO company when your page has earned a top ranking
and has driven a significant amount of traffic to your site at a no-cost for every click.

On the flip side, hiring the wrong SEO company will cost you more than what you have bargained for.
Besides the fees that you will spend, poor Austin SEO services can cause your business to go
down the drain and most likely ruin your reputation, too.

To avoid those scary thoughts from becoming a reality, learn about the essential questions that
will help you hire the right SEO agency for your business.

How long will it take for Austin SEO experts to generate results?

When you ask any SEO company on how long they can get your site to rank on search engines
like Google, they’ll probably be waving their hands in front of you in a no-nonsense manner like
it’s an easy-peasy thing to do and say that it’ll take a month or two to produce results.

Trust me, those kind of talks are all lies because the truth is, achieving high organic search rankings especially
for top competitive keywords takes time alongside technical experience, hard work, creativity,
and the use of the right tools.

There is no sure-fire way that these SEO companies can give you an apparent response to this
question without doing lots of research first. Google has even stated that no company can
guarantee a #1 ranking on its search engine. And so, any SEO agency that makes such a
promise is terrible news for you—remember that.

A competent and right Austin SEO expert will research your company and give you an estimate based on
strategy and competitiveness. And they certainly won’t get your hopes up by promising the first-page result
in a certain period without substantial proof or research to back up their claims.

What will the backlink strategy be about?

Backlinks are the groundworks of Google’s algorithm, so it’s baffling how many
businesses still don’t have their backlink strategy. Without the presence of quality backlinks
to your site, it’ll be hard for Google to improve your ranking.

If you notice that you don’t have new links pointing to your site, then it could be an indication
that there is a lack, or more like, an absence of proactive measures on your part. If your team of
Austin SEO consultants say that they are building backlinks to your site, make sure to ask them
for the backlinks profile.

In doing so, you can check yourself all the links and ensure that they are all legit.

Who will represent as the designated contact person?

In most cases, aside from the person selling to you, a different person will be assigned to
serve as your designated point of contact. As part of their Austin SEO services, a professional
SEO firm should be able to elect an individual who you can reach out to anytime by phone,
email, or in person.

The nearer that designated contact is in your time zone, the better for you. Ask your SEO agency
to be introduced to that person and his location to ensure a smooth working relationship in the future.

Subject matters like PPC campaign, blog post ideas, and new products/service to add on your
website are a few examples of topics that your SEO experts should regularly discuss with you.

How experienced is the Austin SEO agency with your industry?

An ideal Austin SEO company should be well-versed on your business’s demographics and
digital marketing needs. For instance, if your store is a local B2C business in your town,
naturally, your SEO strategy should center on Google Maps results for keywords that are
relevant to your products or services.

If your site is driving traffic but is not converting or is only attracting unqualified leads,
then that’s the time that you may need to reconsider your partnership with your SEO service provider.

Meanwhile, if you’re a large and national B2B company, then you will need a different strategy.
A good SEO company should be able to give you valuable insights into the marketing tactics that
will best suit your business.

Is there a way to meet their SEO team beforehand?

Apart from the salesperson, it is beneficial for you to meet the team of Austin SEO experts who
will be working with your business. Various SEO aspects like content development, link
building, technical SEO, and performance analysis and reporting are just some of the things they
have to implement correctly.

Get to know the professional backgrounds of your future SEO team and find out how long they have
been working for the company.

Also, it will be helpful to know the daily activities of the team working on your brand.
Learn about the roles of each person. Perhaps, they specialize in one particular field, or maybe, they
are expert in multiple areas. Preferably, each person should be a specialist in a specific area.

If this is the case, then you’ll be getting the best of each area—content, optimization, and PPC

Hire An SEO Agency That Delivers

Suffice it to say, SEO is a complex field—one that every business should still engage into, no
Matter how daunting it can be. A professional and competent SEO company is never last on the
latest fundamental changes and trends in the industry while still able to proactively adjust their strategies
and practices accordingly.

The key here is always to remember that the primary goal of search engines is to provide quality results
to internet users. As a result, a great SEO company should focus more on delivering quality for users
than with ranking factors and quality of links.

Hopefully, by asking all those questions mentioned above, you’ll be able to avoid falling into the
the trap of hiring an incompetent SEO and instead, find the right Austin SEO firm you can partner with that
will deliver long-term success and positive results.

Baltimore SEO Mon, 29 Jul 2019 02:45:32 +0000 Located in the state of Maryland, Baltimore is the 30th most populous in the United States. It is not part of any county, and thus, considered as an independent city. According to last year’s statistics, Baltimore houses 611,648 residents, making it the largest independent city in the United States. Its seaport is the second-largest one in the Mid-Atlantic, which was built way back in 1729. It used to be that Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was the second leading port of entry for immigrants to the United States when most of them came from Europe. Back then, Baltimore was also a major manufacturing center. However, today, the city has become a service-oriented economy. In fact, it’s in Baltimore where the famous Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital are currently located and are considered to be its top two employers.

The center of Baltimore’s main attractions is located in the dense area of the city, the Inner Harbor. This is where you can see the city’s popular and larger hotels alongside with top-star restaurants and ethnic eateries. In the east of Inner Harbor, you will find the Harbor East, a trendy extension of the city’s historic seaport. It is a place where many tourists like to roam around because of its upscale and people-friendly neighborhood. Two of the city’s most notable historical sites are the Fort McHenry and the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House. For beach lovers, you would have to find yourself a car in order to go to a nearby beach. Baltimore is also famous for their seafood, especially steamed crabs and crab cakes, which have won the hearts of many people. There is practically no shortage of things you can do especially with kids.

Just a bonus tip though for those who want to visit this ‘Charm City.’ The daily rates for parking lots that are near to the water and other major attractions will range from $15 to $21 per day.

SEO companies in Baltimore

Just like any of the progressing cities in the world, Baltimore is fast on the uptake of the latest changes in the business and digital marketing world. Local retailers and manufacturers are now aware of the benefits of hiring a Baltimore SEO agency. Sure, the thought of looking for reputable SEO companies and hiring a good one to help your business rank in Google can be overwhelming at first, however, once you get the hang of it, you’d be thanking your lucky stars for whomever pushed you on the idea of working with a Baltimore SEO expert.

Baltimore SEO Techniques

There are two known types of SEO techniques. First is the White Hat SEO that utilizes methods and techniques to improve your site’s search engine rankings without violating any search engine’s guidelines. Some of the common white hat SEO techniques include website HTML optimization, high-quality content development, and high-quality link acquisition campaigns. If you are using white hat Baltimore SEO techniques, then you can expect a gradual but lasting growth in rankings.

Black Hat SEO is a “No No”

Then they also have the infamous Black Hat SEO that leverages on the weaknesses of search engine algorithms and targeting them to obtain high rankings for your site. These techniques and methods go against the guidelines of search engines as opposed to White Hat SEO.

A few examples of these techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and link spam. You can expect a quick, erratic, and short-lasting growth in rankings when you are using black hat SEO.

So, how can you ensure that your Baltimore SEO company is doing a great job?

First, off, you have to be aware of the common SEO services that they may implement on your business. A good SEO service provider should be able to improve your website’s ranking and establish an online brand image. These companies usually offer a wide range of services including link building, technical audit, page optimization, and so much more. All of which will, of course, benefit your business.

Let’s take a look at the common SEO services your Baltimore SEO expert may use for your business. Familiarize them so that you can ask the right questions to your SEO consultant when the time comes.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the major avenues of search engine optimization (SEO). Before you can develop a plan to improve your site’s rankings and traffic from Google, it is imperative to first identify the keywords you have to target. The rule of the thumb is that each page of your site should target at least one or two unique keywords.

In general, your website should comprise of enough pages and target enough keywords that will cover the entire key points of your business. For instance, if your business is a flooring company that provides various flooring options like flooring installation, repairs, and replacements, then you have to identify the keywords that cover those areas. Use at most two keywords to target for each of your pages.

If you discover relevant keywords that resonate with your business and you don’t have them on your pages, then considering adding them as well to widen your audience reach.

Page Optimization

No matter how smart search engines are, they are still computers, which means they need some assistance to ensure that they can understand the subject matter of your pages. A good Baltimore SEO company is capable of making improvements or modifications on your content and technical groundworks of your pages so that it’s easier for Google and your visitors to understand them.

This type of SEO service works for businesses who already have a page dedicated to a relevant topic on their niche with the right keywords incorporated on it and they simply need to optimize it for search engines. Moreover, this method tends to be on a budget-friendly side because you don’t need to create pages from scratch.

In most cases, a page only requires a little work to be better understood by search engines.

Link Building

Just targeting the right keywords isn’t enough to get good rankings on Google. After all, there are tons of other pages on the web that also uses the same keywords as yours, especially if your niche is quite common. In this case, Google will then consider the quantity and quality of links that are pointing to your page in ranking it.

These links include both internal links from other pages on your domain as well as the external links from other domains. Always remember that external links are considered more important than internal links. Hence, your Baltimore SEO service provider should focus their efforts on this. In addition, they should also be able to focus on quality, or better yet both quantity and quality.

The best link building projects are those that are done manually with both quality and detail in mind. This way, your website will earn high-quality relevant links from other domains.

Online reputation management

This type of SEO service involves the maintenance and development of the online reputation of businesses and individuals. Online reputation management, or ORM, for short, allows Baltimore SEO experts to identify any harmful content-related to the client then manages it effectively by shutting down those negative content using different tools.

Moreover, the best SEO companies in Baltimore should also be able to turn the tables around by promoting positive content through articles, blogs, and more.

Code optimization

Code optimization requires a high level of knowledge and expertise as it uses methods that will modify the codes of a website in order to enhance its quality and efficiency. The source code of your site is what spiders crawl into to identify the position of your site in the rankings alongside other ranking factors. By having code optimization done on your site, it will ensure that all your relevant pages are properly indexed.

SEO content writing

SEO content writing refers to the technique of generating any content with the main intent of attracting search engine traffic. It’s all about creating compelling, useful, relevant and valuable content that targets specific keywords so that other people will gladly share it on their social media accounts.

A good Baltimore SEO agency should be able to produce you that kind of copy that bears all the essential elements of a good SEO content. The more people promote your content, the higher its authority and relevance become, resulting in an increase in its ranking in Google for the selected keywords.

Business Preparations For The Holiday Marketing Season Sun, 28 Jul 2019 21:27:05 +0000 The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many businesses. Small business retailers, for instance, rely on the annual holiday shopping season to reach their revenue goals. If you’re one of them, then you probably know that for you to achieve an unbeaten season, you have to implement a healthy marketing plan first.

To do that, you have to start acting on it now. Whether it’s the pumpkin or candy cane season, you have to get started now and get all things done. Here are five ways you can prepare your business for the holiday season.

Plan your promotions

First and foremost, you have to think about what you will be marketing this time of the year and how you will do that. First off, create a list of particular goods that you want to concentrate on this year as well as some special offers or holiday discounts that you can give to your customers.

Also, you can give out special promotions such as 11.11 Mega Sale or maybe free shipping with a no minimum spend required for the whole month December. Furthermore, plan out on when you will be announcing these promotions and how long they will take place. Make sure to indicate them on your calendar.

Build marketing emails

After you have planned out your holiday promotions, you can now start to commence with your email marketing to announce them to your target audience. Email marketing is a broad marketing avenue that includes several things such as uploading images, content (email body) creation, choosing templates, and many more. Do not wait for the last minute to do all these things as this could lead to mistakes.

So, select your promotions now and start creating marketing emails right after.

Create landing pages

Whether you use email, pay-per-click ads, video ads, or any other marketing channels for the promotion of your special offers, it should always be on the top of your list to create a landing page that converts. This means that your landing pages should be specific and easy-to-navigate—a place where your customers can seamlessly complete their purchase transactions.

For instance, if you use email marketing to promote your product, then you have to lead them to a page that contains all the information about that product—not just to your home page.

Do some necessary fine-tuning

Your website will be your primary weapon, so you have to ensure that it is at its best. First off, start by auditing your site to check if there are broken links and other things that need fixing. Second, run some speed test to see if your website is not facing any loading issues across all platforms and devices.

Finally, be on a lookout for any content opportunities—this could include tutorials or product guides that you can provide for the products you are showcasing this holiday season.

Create marketing collateral

Aside from your email marketing, you can also create other marketing materials designed specifically for the holiday season. Consider things like video guides, blog posts, banners, graphics, and more.

Tips For Your Startup E-Commerce Business Sun, 28 Jul 2019 21:16:30 +0000 Starting your own business and completely funding it all by yourself is no small matter because this entails you to be extra careful of your budgeting. You will learn how even a dollar can do so many things. Here are some ways to help you start your e-commerce business if you’re also on a limited budget like I was before.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

They say you’d never go wrong with SEO when it comes to promoting your business online. Well, I guess I can say now with confidence that SEO indeed was (and still is) one of my saviors back on the days where I could barely keep up.

One of the first things you must do when launching your website is to employ a content writer that knows how to write SEO articles because these contents will be one of your greatest ally in boosting your search engine ranking. Write on topics about the things people are looking for. Of course, it all has to be relevant to your brand and products for it to help your business. Remember that the more in-demand your content is, the better your ranking. Apart from content, SEO will also help you get backlinks.

To do that, you should consider partnering with influencers, digital publications, and other authority websites. High-value traffic usually comes when from high authority or reputable sites.

Test Digital Ads

If you have a lesser budget, you can start using AdWords or AdRoll to test websites with ads. Before you launch your campaign, it is essential to have a clearer picture of what a healthy return will look like for you. You can also try your hand at retargeting ad campaigns which involve approaching someone for the second time around who has already been associated with your site to attract them to go back.

Lastly, it is also worth to give different types of media like social ads a shot. Social ads, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, will help you reach to a broader audience.

Try a less aggressive email approach

Probably one of the most misconceived notions about email marketing is that the more emails you send to your audience, the higher the chance of getting them to engage with your site and ultimately, make purchases from your business. However, it is the opposite because bombarding customers with your emails will only force them to unsubscribe from your newsletters. Instead, you should try to keep it to a minimum, say, two to three emails per month.

Leverage the press

Did you know that several SEO campaigns came out victorious because of reliable press coverage? Yes, believe it or not, the news is that powerful. I’m talking about getting your brand or products featured online. Rather than going with an expensive way, which is to hire a PR firm, you can try creating your press credentials by establishing and strengthening your relationships with press-related people like editors and writers.

Remember editors will always be hungry for some new content. You can pitch them ideas for articles, and they will do the rest for you once they see that you’re throwing are feature worthy. Do some research and make sure that you give valuable and exciting stories.

Keeping it simple but cool

Sure, having a fancy looking website is an excellent advantage for you, but since you are on a budget, you have to start simple with a template on Wix or Shopify. You can use plug-in apps to beautify and customize your model if you want to make it a bit personalized. The best part about this is that you don’t need programming skills to make your website.

Besides, there are lots of tools and apps that you can use online to make it easier for your DIY website.

How To Produce Inexpensive But Effective Marketing Videos Sun, 28 Jul 2019 20:20:26 +0000 With the increasing demand for important videos across the vast internet world, the importance of brands integrating quality videos into their marketing strategies is becoming clear. Whether you promote your videos through Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, it is also important to note that video is now winning many favors in the content marketing world.

Nevertheless, the bigger problem now—especially for startups and SMBs—is that creating high-quality videos require a considerable amount of money, something that is out of their budgets. With the technology and resources available at hand today, it is entirely plausible for a business with a relatively low budget for its video marketing to produce excellent videos.

Here are some ways to help you save some money and create high-quality videos without breaking the bank.

Use popular freelance websites

Online freelancing platforms like Upwork and are just two of the many great places where you can look for affordable video creators for your video marketing. Considering the steady rise of freelancing work today, you will have no problem looking for talented video producers who excel at creating high-quality videos at an inexpensive rate. In most cases, the pre-employment screenings are what consumes most of your time. While there are plenty of incredible freelancers out there, but there are also dreadful ones, so be careful of them. Take a look at their previous client testimonials, work history, and their portfolio before selecting the final applicant.

Leverage on budget-friendly tools and apps

In the video creation marketplace, there are tons of tools and applications that can remarkably reduce your video marketing expense without compromising on the quality of the videos. For example, you can use Adobe Spark, an application that lets you create videos with ease that are already prepped for social media posting. There’s also an app called Ripl that effortlessly strings together photos and other media files to create quality and bite-sized videos for your social media profiles.

Target film students

Being a broke college student is one of the most common struggles of students today. As a result, many film students who have a real knack for creating videos are on a lookout for some extra cash and additional specs in exchange for generating video content for you. Apart from posting on the everyday hiring platforms, you should also try posting jobs on a university’s job fairs and private job board for more exceptional options. You never know, you may find a brilliant video maker who will cost you even less than you anticipated.

Conduct an exchange of services

This is the part where you can channel your creative side. Think about how you can offer your video creator something valuable in exchange for them consistently producing high-quality videos for you. For instance, you can use your website for advertising the freelancer’s services to your audience. Or maybe you can offer them a free workspace and desktop in your own business office. Anything valuable to them can be possible.

Improve Your Marketing Using Email Signature Sun, 28 Jul 2019 20:07:58 +0000 Being a small business owner means you have to be in the know on all types of marketing tools and tricks, and you have the means to implement several of them. Probably one of the smallest marketing tools that you can have in your marketing strategy is your email signature.

Admittedly, many entrepreneurs and marketers have failed to recognize the benefits of email signature since it’s one of those things that can be easily overlooked. However, the moment you realize your mistake and notice the subtle but gradual upsides of email signatures, then good for you.

With that being said, here are four ways to help you open your mind on using email signature to market better.

Link to your website and social media profiles

Having a website is a given. However, you’d be surprised how some businesses are yet to use social media as one of their marketing techniques. But if you have both website and at least one social media account—the more, the better, of course—then it goes without saying that you naturally want to link to your website and social media profiles in the signature of your email.

You are doing this an easy way to lead the people to know more about your business and what you are offering to them. Also, you can link to a directory page on your website that will direct searchers to the content that they want to see.

Link to your blog

Apart from the basics—i.e., website and social media accounts—one way to speed up your marketing success are through a personal or business blog. If you have this, then it’s best to include it in your email signature. What better way to let people know about it, right? The thing about blogs is that they have to be regularly updated for it to serve its purpose. Your blog has to contain fresh contents that deliver high value to your audience, something that will keep their attention for a long time. Placing not just a clear call to action in your email signature, but also one that will surely pull people in to check out your recent blog post could help you obtain partnerships or even some dedicated subscribers.

Share some of the latest samples of your work

Whether you’re a writer who has completed a great book or just someone who invented an excellent product, either way, you have to share at least a snippet, or some sneak peek of your recent work samples in your email signature. If you have recently made some media appearances like interviews or conferences, perhaps, then you can include them in your email’s signature.

It is an excellent way to display your work and credibility without using a sales pitch.

Direct offers

One of the must-do when it comes to marketing is to run a proposal that will convert your site traffic into leads. No matter how much traffic you have, it won’t matter if none of them convert at all. Running offers to market your products and services should always be one of your primary tasks.

To do this, you can invite people to browse through or better yet, shop in your online store or check out your services. For a service-based business, you can also link to your calendar so potential clients can schedule a consultation with you.