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Every Small Business Owner Must Consider When Hiring

When you’re a small business owner, making decisions about hiring new talent can be the hardest but also the most important responsibility you have to bear. Your employees can contribute to either the failure or success of your business. Since you only have a few employees, being a small business and all, it’s even harder to cover up the mistakes you’ve committed than it is at a bigger company. This is why each hiring decision you make is very important.

Hiring for a small business will lead you to face many challenges. You want to hire only the best but sometimes the need to quickly fill the vacant position is prevailing. Sure, it can be an intimidating thought, but there are steps you can follow to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

1. Be wary of hiring friends

While it is indeed tempting to hire people you know for your small business, it is not a rational thing to do, unless those people have met the qualifications for the job. Your small business is not a charity case, it is your livelihood, so hire only the people that can contribute to the growth of your business, and sometimes friends and family may not be those people. Also, when you have friends or relatives that work for you, you may likely run into conflicts of interest, which results in unfavorable business outcomes or strained relationships.

2. Be flexible

With the current job market we have now, unemployment is becoming a bigger problem and so finding the right person to fill in your open job may be difficult. However, since you are a small business, you have something that many larger businesses do not have and that is the ability to be flexible with employees. This may mean letting someone work flexible hours or allowing them to do some of their tasks at home. With this ability, you can attract more workers who may prefer your company than others. That said, always be reasonable and bear in mind that what you have set for one staff may set as an example for other workers.

3. Leveraging your network

Finding job applicants for vacant positions is not never easy. To ensure that you get the right people you need for your small business, you need to take advantage of your network. One easy way to do this is through social media by sharing your job openings across all your social media platforms and be vocal with colleagues about what you are looking for.

4. Share your bottom line

As the owner of your small business, it’s even more tempting to keep all the earnings to yourself. Sure, it is reasonable in some ways considering that you are the one who made it all possible for your business to stand from the ground up. However, you have to use profit sharing to give potential employees a reason to accept the job offer. Not only that but it will also encourage them to perform better in their jobs.


In all honesty, there’s no magic trick to help you get easily get a perfect set of employees. What you can do is to ensure that you put all the best efforts that you have into your business. This means that you must do in-depth interviews and check the candidates’ references. Don’t just hire haphazardly just to fill an opening. Look for a well-qualified person who can help you accomplish your business goals.


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