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Easy And Effective SEO Changes You Can Make This 2019

While search engine optimization (SEO) is indeed a strategic and complex process, not every
The SEO move you make needs to be a hard feat. Implementing small but still important tweaks here
and there can already make a huge difference in your rankings. Below are some of these simple
SEO changes you can incorporate this year.

1. Use a mobile-friendly website theme

You’re probably aware of this Las Vegas SEO expert tip by now, but if not, then you have to instantly change your theme. If you’re using a CMS, change to a mobile-optimized theme, otherwise, you can hire a developer to update your site to ensure that it uses a responsive design.

2. Optimizing your titles and headings

One easy way to optimize your titles is to include your target keywords within them. But if you
are already practicing this, update old page titles that were made before you started integrating
keywords into your titles. If your H1 tags and titles are different from each other, just make sure
that your target keywords are mentioned by them and if possible, a little different variation on
them. Also, include secondary target keywords in your subheadings.

You can use a related content plugin to place new links to the bottom of your blog posts so that
it’s easier for your readers to find relevant pages elsewhere on your site. In doing so, you can
minimize the odds of users turning to your competitors instead of staying on your site. As a
result, you can improve your search rankings as well as boost conversions and user loyalty.

4. Creating hub pages

Repurpose the information you got from your shorter and more targeted blog posts in order to
create hub pages for each top-level keyword on your site. Combine all information from your
long-tail blog posts and make a list of summaries out of them that will address the entire concept
as a whole.

5. Improving site credibility

Trust plays a crucial role in your long-term SEO success so it is important to take careful
measures in improving your site credibility. To achieve this you can do a couple of things such
as leveraging social proof, making your contact information readily available, preventing the use
of intrusive ads, proofreading, using trust symbols and seals, and so much more.

6. Interlinking your webpages

It is also essential for you to interlink your pages to one another in a natural manner. The most
ideal situation should be that each of your webpages has to receive a contextual link from within
the content of another of your webpage depending on which link would prove useful to the user.

Having links to trusted sites will greatly help improve your search engine rankings. You can do
this by ensuring your posts include links to trusted sites. This will also encourage you to
incorporate more specific examples and references within your content. Doing so will give your
posts more value and increase their trustworthiness with your readers.


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