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Does Your Business Need Online Storage?

If you’re in charge of managing the information technology operations of small businesses, you’ve probably heard a couple of times about how cloud computing has benefited many companies by significantly reducing their operating costs. In all honesty, cloud computing has a huge potential to become one of the most critical players in the world of small business IT. Add to the fact that there’s already a growing number of digital content that tons of modern businesses have come to rely on, which only means that data storage requirements are also growing. Luckily for small businesses, the options for storing, managing, and accessing this data are also increasing in number than they were before. While online storage is not something we haven’t heard of before, it has developed to become of the most essential and universal areas of cloud computing. A good number of companies are using cloud-based storage devices, mostly for data recovery purposes. Even so, that doesn’t mean that businesses are no longer storing essential data on in-house servers and networked storage systems.

Advantages of using Cloud Storage

One of the best things about online storage is that it is accessible anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, this proves how online storage is highly versatile all the while safely storing your data off-site. As a result, your employees can now work anywhere and anytime they want to, no need to go down to the office on the weekends or outside office hours. More importantly, should there be unforeseen circumstances that damaged your business, your data is safe since it will be stored remotely. The second significant benefit of online storage that makes it very popular as service providers said is that it doesn’t cost much. The truth is, that is not always the case because the price varies on your data storage requirements, specifically in regards to the storage capacity you need and the amount of bandwidth that you have at your reserve.   Nevertheless, online storage is capable of being easily expanded, so you don’t need to spend more money on additional storage space than you need. With an online room, you won’t need to be concerned about hardware upgrades and maintenance, meaning lesser costs.

Downsides of online storage

The benefits of online storage and other forms of cloud computing are much apparent since there’s no shortage of tales about this subject. That being said, there are noticeable drawbacks to consider before you decide to shift to cloud storage as your primary type of data storage. One of the most common concerns about online storage revolves around bandwidth and security.

So How About Bandwidth?

Since bandwidth requirements depend on the amount of data you need to work in storing your data online, it may be unfavorable to businesses that have limited connections meaning their data allowance may not be able to cover the overall bandwidth required in storing. Another main drawback is the security and reliability that comes with all cloud-based services because your crucial source of this type of service is the internet connection. If in any case, your connection slows down, your business operations that are run by the internet will be put to a halt. Consequently, any downtime no matter how long or short can cost your business a lot, so you must carefully consider the bandwidth and reliability before delving fully into online storage.


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