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Digital Marketing in Phoenix

Dry heat is everywhere in Phoenix, Arizona. Luckily, you can use this as an excuse to enjoy the outdoors, have some good food, take fresh air, and just experience the best things this city has to offer this 2020. Chill out at The Breadfruit & Rum Bar and get a taste of their various kinds of seafood coupled with their signature drink called Wix Bang. Want to take a walk in a beautiful garden? Head over to the Desert Botanical Garden at the north end of Papago Park. The garden has 50,000 plants, including a vast plethora of agave and cactuses. You may want to time your visit late in the day as this is the perfect time to see some flowers that bloom after dark.

Over the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, people can see the Camelback Mountain that resembles the head and hump of a kneeling camel. Despite the rugged, steep ascents, many hikers go to this place. You can go at the top either through the Cholla Trail or the Echo Canyon Trail. Unbeknownst to many people, some of Arizona’s best wines are made locally. Are you intrigued? Hit up the road and visit Oak Creek Vineyards, Javelina Leap Winery, and Page Springs Cellars in just a day. These three wineries are only a 5-minute drive of each other.

Phoenix Digital Marketing Services

If you’re on a lookout for a service to get online marketing done on-site, then you’re in the right place. Bob’s SEO specializes in SEO, web design, and digital marketing Phoenix Arizona services. We help businesses increase their client base and their visibility on search engines like Google. Through our tailored services, we have supported small-sized, and big companies gain more customers and effectively grow their companies.

Our approach starts with meeting with you as the client to discuss your company’s goals and overall business objectives. From there, our team will review the latest and best online solutions and practices and provide you the best ones to achieve your goals, objectives, and budget. With our research and your input, we will create a strategy and implementation plan and recommend the KPIs to use in measuring the impact and ROI. Then, finally, we will execute our plan efficiently and effectively.

Our goal as a Phoenix digital marketing company is to make sure that your local business gets listed at the top of the search results relevant to your business. This move is crucial because 40% of the website visits go to the top 3 websites displayed on Google. With this, we use keyword searches related to your business and make customized ads to target people who are actively looking for your products and services online.

We also track down the intricacies of your competition in a more specific and precise way. Professional SEO experts can pinpoint the exact success story of our clients' competitors. As a result, we can find out which keywords, targeted listeners, and online marketing strategies your competitors are using to be listed on top of SERPs. Through keyword research, we can get a better understanding of your market, competition, and future competition plans.

Advantages of SEO Phoenix, Arizona

As the business owner, you know your company and products best. Let our SEO and digital marketing experts at Bob’s SEO deal with complex and technical work. We do this by helping you build an effective online presence through local SEO search marketing. In doing so, this allows your Phoenix business to be easily found by state, zip code, or city, which in turn, boosts your customer loyalty while also attracting new customers. In other words, a professional digital marketing agency is one that helps you achieve your business objectives quickly.

As part of our digital marketing service, we use local SEO as a way to increase your website traffic and place your website on top of the search engine results pages. In fact, today, local search engine optimization has become one of the most fundamental mechanisms of online marketing strategies. That’s because it’s a highly useful tool that increases the quantity and quality of web traffic to improve and provide better organic search results for a business.

Most traffic nowadays is coming from search engines. Modern users type specific keywords in the search box to find whatever information they need. Thus, if your Phoenix website isn’t on the first few searches, these users may never know about your brand and what you offer. The common misconception today is that having published a business website is enough to skyrocket your business. This mindset is wrong, simply because millions of websites are made and posted to the web every day. And your site? It’s just another website on the internet.

So, what will you do then? To boost your website’s visibility, you have to apply specific local SEO techniques. The thing is, it takes an enormous amount of time and consistent efforts to master SEO. After all, it’s infamous for being ever-changing and quite tricky. But with the right digital marketing Phoenix expert, you can implant all those SEO tactics with ease.

Furthermore, with our SEO services come other essential SEO ranking factors. In other words, part of our SEO services includes handling and taking care of SEO-related aspects such as website architecture, social media presence, keyword research, user experience, website speed, ranking reports, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

We offer Phoenix web design services

A great web design should be able to achieve two things: drive new leads and promote the brand and its products and/or services. The online marketing field is in fierce competition, and it’s crucial to ensure that your brand stands out. With our custom web design, we help businesses like yours create a web design that fits your company’s needs, while also keeping SEO and digital marketing top of mind. This entails reinforcing the web design with the right on-site structure to ensure that your website remains relevant for some years to come.

First impressions usually last, and your website is the first impression of your business to your customers and site visitors. Whatever size or industry your company is, Bob’s SEO will create a great user experience and strengthen our brand presence. So, whether your target market is locals or you want to compete nationally, our web designs will help you move ahead in this competitive field.

A mobile-friendly website is one thing, and an SEO-friendly website is another. When optimizing your company website, it can be quite a feat, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. Each site is crafted uniquely with different plugins, themes, and content management systems. Updating one can break the other page, which can lead to a fatal error. As such, this kind of work is best left to an experienced agency that handles online marketing Phoenix.

Our approach to optimizing your website always comes with a strategy. Such a strategy is carefully planned by considering all the data and research we have accumulated. We make sure that your site has a stable and scalable foundation while also tackling the physical appearance and the flow of your site content and navigation. Some of the ways to optimize a website are:

Signs that your website design needs to change ASAP

  1. Site colors don’t match, or your logo and colors aren’t matching
  2. Low-quality images
  3. Poor user experience design, meaning visitors can’t find what they’re looking for in less than two seconds of landing your page.
  4. Lacks organization
  5. Absence of or incorrect information
  6. Too many stock images

We also have social media marketing

Overlooking social media is a massive mistake for today’s businesses. Social media marketing helps brands get in front of the target audience, thus, boosting the value of a long-term business relationship. Our digital marketing agency Phoenix leverages social media channels to set your company on a path of success. An effective social media strategy includes posting engaging content regularly. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the top tools of many brand’s overall marketing plans.

But is social media optimization vital? Short answer--yes. A digital marketing plan requires time, money, and energy. Businesses must be able to share this plan for it to be effective. At Bob’s SEO, we value content like gold because engaging and unique words can do so much than a sales call, granted that it is shared effectively. By optimizing your social media, text, images, and videos are maximized to create a post that social users cannot ignore.

Every SEO firm brings different SEO campaigns into the table, depending on their expertise and the kind of client they have. Our affordable digital marketing company Phoenix also caters to the low-budget market.

For more info about our services, call us (888) 211-1176. Let’s chat about how we can help grow your business.

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