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Credit Union SEO

A credit union is a form of financial cooperative that offers traditional banking services. Typically, credit unions come in many sizes, including small, volunteer-only establishments, and large ones with thousands of participants. Credit unions can be established by organizations, huge corporations, and other entities for their members and employees. They are owned, created, and operated by their participants. Therefore, they belong to the not-for-profit institutions that are tax-exempted.

Perhaps the most common notion people have about credit unions is that they’re either too small or they don’t have the same range of services that bigger financial establishments offer. Still, despite the negative reputation, credit unions are actually a trillion-worth industry. On top of that, these institutions are aggressively competing against their counterparts in the banking sector by providing products and services that are in high demand among members. Now, credit unions are making big strides to up their game and become more competitive with banks by offering a broader range of members services than one might expect.

Is SEO for credit unions?

The short answer is yes. Considering today’s competitive banking world, having a website that’s easily found online is a huge advantage. That is because out of 10 people looking for banking services, 6 of them perform an online search, making it a great influencing factor than brochures, print ads, or even speaking with customer service personnel be it over the phone or in person.

Still not convinced? See for yourself by typing in “credit union” in Google and hitting search. You’ll get millions, even billions of results. Having a solid SEO strategy in place helps your credit union set itself apart from the others, all the while attracting the local customers you need and want. It all begins with a comprehensive SEO audit.

At Bob’s SEO, our SEO audit will entail assessing your website, your competition, and your target customer’s behaviors and persona. This also includes studying the goals you want to achieve. We do all these so we can develop an SEO strategy that’s specifically tailored for your business. So, if you don’t have an SEO expert in your company, seeking professional help from SEO firms is better.

Importance of SEO to credit unions

With SEO, you can make it easy for potential clients to find your business online, know what makes your credit union different, and see why you’re the top option for them. To start, take a look at the four fundamental SEO services that our Bob’s SEO team and other reputable SEO companies offer.

Keyword research

Keyword research is usually the next step after side audit in wherein it involves determining the keywords and phrases used by your customer demographic in finding credit unions. In this process, a list of terms related to your business is created. Such terms can be short or long. They can be anything that a user would search for when looking for information about credit unions. For instance, the keyword “credit unions in (name of your city)” is a common and effective term. Specific keywords like that are great because they automatically qualify users who search for it because you know they’re interested in credit unions and they’re in your city. As your list of targeted keywords grows, you can then attract more qualified visitors and earn more customers.

Content creation

Content creation involves writing text, filming videos, and designing images for your website, which coincide with the keywords you’ve determined to target. So, if we use the same keyword example before, you can have a page that talks about how long your credit union company has been in the business in your city, how many loyal customers you have, any other establishments you’ve worked with, and many more.

You can create a blog, write articles, or use graphics like photos of your company and landmarks in your area to reinforce a local company vibe that works for the residents in your home city. Regardless of what content you provide, you must incorporate your targeted specific keywords within the content so you can gain more customers over time.

Technical optimization

Technical optimization involves using certain code on your website to make sure Google and other search engines can understand and index your content. As such, it requires an expert in the SEO field to do this work efficiently and successfully. Search engines have determined more than 200 ranking factors for SEO. However, take note of some of the top factors including title tags, meta tags, and any bits of code that help Google understand all the things on your page.


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