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Corpus Christi Search Engine Optimization Expert

Corpus Christi is a city in the state of Texas located right along the coast. The name of the city was from a Latin phrase, meaning Body of Christ. Corpus Christi was named by a Spaniard, Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda in 1519 when he traveled during the day of the religious Feast of Corpus Christi. As of 2018, its estimated population is 326,554. Currently, Corpus Christi is the hometown of the 5th largest port in the United States.

It is also home to a massive variety of birds than any other U.S. city, which makes the coastal city perfect for bird watching. Much of Corpus Christi’s local economy is led by agriculture, tourism, and the oil and petrochemicals industry. The famous Whataburger was originally headquartered in Corpus Christi before it moved to San Antonio in 2009.

Interesting Fact: After a meter reader was attacked by a dog in Corpus Christi, they decided to provide free wifi in the entire city in 2005 so remote meter reading would be possible.

Search Engine Optimization in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is not only a splendid place to live but also a lucrative city to conduct business. No matter what industry you’re targeting, you’re bound to encounter potential customers looking for your products or services. Our team of SEO Corpus Christi experts is constantly evolving as digital marketing trends and search engine algorithms are constantly changing and updating. You must work with a team that is not just knowledgeable but also driven by passion. One who genuinely enjoys being in the loop on the latest trends, practices, and algorithm updates.

Our Corpus Christi SEO agency will help you keep up with marketing changes

In the past, marketing your business was simple and the use of agencies like ours wasn’t an essential move. Some of the traditional marketing strategies are print ads, TV, and radio commercials. However, over the past several years, marketing has gone a long way due to technology and the increase in usage of the internet, smartphones, and personal computers.

Considering the countless websites we have today, marketing efforts have to be tweaked and changed to keep up with the changing pace. Meanwhile, digital ads began popping anywhere online, and before we knew it, SEO Corpus Christi companies have become crucial to businesses.

As everyone started creating email addresses and social media accounts as modern ways of communication, newer marketing efforts have also emerged including newsletters and mobile ads on social media. While you may create ads on your own, our SEO Corpus Christi team takes it to a whole new level by also optimizing your ads and site for search engines.

Ways an SEO company can help you rank on search engines

Website evaluation

The very first thing we do is to evaluate your website. It is imperative to ensure that your company’s website speed, layout, and structure are fully optimized. An SEO strategy is only as good as the site structure.

Keyword research

Next, we will conduct keyword research for your industry to help your business rank on major search engines like Google. When evaluating the best keywords, we consider several variables like search volume and the level of competition.

Competitor analysis

Another way a Corpus Christi SEO agency can help your company is to assess your competitors and determine which keywords they’re using to target in addition to how their link profile is created. By knowing which keywords your competitors are ranking for, you can use it as a starting point in crafting your content strategy.

On-page copy

Next is by writing or rewriting your website copy. Your site copy must be relevant to the keywords you’re targeting. Your site won’t rank higher if your on-page SEO copy isn’t even optimized, no matter how great it is.

Content strategy

Developing a content strategy should be second nature to the SEO Corpus Christi firm. This service normally includes recommending or helping to create a highly optimized blog strategy that targets keywords that show intent for your target audiences.

Social media strategy

With the way social media channels are playing such significant roles in the daily lives of consumers, it should be natural for any Corpus Christi SEO company to know how to develop a social media strategy. Moreover, social media has become an important variable in the SEO land, and it can help position your content in front of your current and potential customers.

Link building

Building a link profile for your website is also another way our SEO Corpus Christi team can improve your Google ranking. Some of the techniques we use include contextual linking, local citations, and social bookmarking.

Track, optimize, rank

Lastly, an SEO company can boost your organic ranking by tracking and optimizing your website’s performance. Many key performance metrics are considered such as organic search volume, the number of ranking keywords, and search engine ranking positions.

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