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Control Your Marketing Without Taking Too Much Time

Control Your Marketing Without Taking Too Much Time

Marketing is one of the essential parts of growing a business because, without it, your company is pretty much nonexistent. However, on the other side of the boat, spending too much time focusing on your marketing could lead to failure to enhancing your products or services.

So, how exactly do you get out of this situation? Well, the answer is to dominate your marketing, but this time, in much lesser time.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Plan things out

A marketing strategy has to be mapped out for it to have an apparent reason and ultimately generate sales and other good results. Moreover, if you don’t have a plan in the first place, how can you ever know whether you’re marketing efforts have contributed or not in reaching your goals? What you have to do is to research on what kind of content your audience prefers and are looking for as well as the social networks they frequently use and hang out at. Once you have digested this information, you can now start creating an editorial calendar, use a scheduling app, and build a marketing section within your business plan. Just remember that having a well-thought plan will hone your marketing efforts and minimize your time. Because you now have a clear direction on where you are headed.

‘Blog’ your way to success

Undeniably, blogging is one of the most effective marketing ways. It allows you to highlight your qualities as an industry leader and also enriches the lives of your target audience. If you’re in the business world for a while now, writing blog posts will come more natural to you as you already know what you’re talking about. When writing a blog post, structure it in a way you would when discussing it. Do not bother using fancy words to impress your readers. Instead, show them the extent of your knowledge while being real and genuine.

Leverage on automation tools

Automating your marketing efforts is no problem these days as we have plenty of automation tools to make your tasks easier and less time-consuming. A great example of an automation tool is Infusionsoft that lets you simplify your entire advertising experience by offering a CRM integration, a landing page builder, and campaign builder that sends personalized emails and discounts to leads automatically. Then there are also IFTTT and Zappier that automate blog-posting actions, including sharing a WordPress post to Facebook or monitoring YouTube for related videos to share on social media networks. For social media posts, you can use Buffer, Post Planner, and Hootsuite to automate some of the tasks.

Outsource or delegate tasks

While automation can indeed make things easier for you and save you lots of time, inevitably, there has to be a human involvement with your marketing. However, instead of doing all these on your own, you can consider outsourcing. Or maybe delegating your content generation or look into getting a digital marketing proposal. For instance, you can ask your employees to take some behind-the-scenes pictures and have them posted on your Instagram page. For your blog content, you can hire a freelance content writer who has decent experience in writing articles about your niche.