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Clothing SEO

Also known as the garment industry, the clothing sector encompasses all types of industry and trade involved in the production and life chain of garments and clothing. These include the textile, embellishment, and fashion industries, as well as fashion retailers, second-hand clothes trading, and textile recycling. Since the 18th century, the manufacturing of clothes, from raising of raw materials, through weaving and spinning, to sewing, has always been a prominent household industry in the United States. Globally, the clothing industry is a major contributor to the economies of several countries today.

Over time, the world has witnessed the extensive development of the garment industry, thanks to various technological advancements and automation. With the rapid change of fashion trends, new fabrics, and more customer demands, the need for automated and flexible production for various garments has become painstakingly clear. Today, producers of clothes operate their business under the conditions of fast dynamics of change, numerous innovations, the endless trend of globalization, and the looming threat of large competition.

Importance of SEO to clothing businesses

Do you own or manage an online clothing store? Or, perhaps your company is a clothing manufacturer. Either way, if your goal is to increase the traffic to your clothing website, then you need SEO just like the rest of the clothing and garment websites. SEO is the best way to reach the top spots of search engines and remain there.

Optimizing a clothing website like yours is a bit different than optimizing other random domains. Truth is, clothing SEO has its distinctive traits that don’t need tweaking than when optimizing sites from other niches. Bobs SEO is a leading Las Vegas agency that works with businesses of every type, size, and niche, which of course, includes clothing stores. If you want to know more about how our SEO team can help your company, continue reading below.

One of the most basic principles of SEO is to use more long-tail keywords than short-tail ones. Simply because the former have less competition and they have higher user intent, which makes them more likely to lead in sales. On the other hand, if you use a short-tail keyword like “women’s pants”, your site is unlikely to be on the first page since other bigger and more established websites are already ranking high for it.

But if you go target “women’s black skinny jeans” and other long-tail keywords, they will be of more help to you. Apart from using long-tail keywords, you should also ensure that they are trending right now, or will be trending soon. If you aren’t sure how to perform research for keywords and industry trends, Bob’s SEO can do that for you.

2. Leveraging on images and properly optimizing them

The clothing industry relies heavily on imagery than other media types. Present your business with style and have anyone who visits your site bedazzled by it. If clothes make the man, then website images can also make a website.

Naturally, images will impact your website’s loading speed. That’s because the more content your page has, the longer it will take to load. And the longer visitors have to wait, the fewer customers will remain. However, since your company is a clothing business, you can’t avoid having images. This is where an SEO agency comes into play. By working with a professional and experienced SEO company or expert, your images and website as a whole should be optimized properly.

3. Creating excellent content

Content is king. In the SEO realm, a site’s content has to be outstanding and unique for it to rank high. And since we’re talking about clothing and fashion here, this SEO rule becomes stricter than normal. For fashion and clothing, anything less than stellar or excellent isn’t going to cut it. This refers to your products, descriptions, and blog articles. A good SEO firm should be able to help you with this since most firms, if not all, provide content marketing and creating as part of their basic SEO services.

4. Using web analytics to monitor user activity

Sales aren’t the only variable that tells you about your website’s success. Sure, at first glance, it may seem like sales are all that matters since an online store is made for selling products. But with SEO, it’s more than that. No matter how well your online store performs, there has to be room for improvement. Google Analytics is an excellent tool that you and your SEO team can use to track the user activity on your website.


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