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Cannabis SEO

The cannabis industry is a vast sector that covers all activities and professionals involved in the primary operations of legal cannabis, be it production, transport, sales, or use of recreational and medical marijuana. This also includes policymakers, medical personal, dispensary owners and workers, legal professionals, farmers and cultivators, and companies and individuals that manufacture products with oil and seeds of cannabis. In the past, the use of cannabis was deeply frowned upon. However, since the mid to late 1990s, it has emerged as a legal industry and is continuously growing well.

As a young and rising industry, businesses and individuals entangled in the cannabis trade are still making their way through the several obstacles and bureaucracy that either has yet to be in tune with the changing attitudes and laws regarding legal cannabis or was never wired for it from the get-go. Still, despite the loopholes, some other areas of the sector gave birth to innovators that are forging new paths for the betterment of the industry. A good example of such an innovation is the various platforms that can allow consumers to connect with cannabis products without going through any of the old-school commerce routes.

An SEO guide for cannabis businesses

As the legalization of cannabis spreads globally, more dispensaries and cannabis entrepreneurs are popping up every day in metro cities. And with the presence of so many cannabis companies in the market, it becomes extra difficult for another cannabis company like yours to stand out. The old days of using a huge yellow book to search for businesses near you have long been gone. Now, almost everything can be easily accessed on the internet, primarily with the help of major search engines like Google and Bing.

As a result, many cannabis companies, entrepreneurs, and dispensaries are using the internet to promote their brand. However, just having a company website and social media pages won’t suffice to cause customers to flock to your dispensary. In addition to your web presence, using digital marketing with the help of Bobs SEO can move your business from invisible to the most buzzing joint in the city.

Advantages of SEO for cannabis companies and entrepreneurs

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential in getting your cannabis company noticed in a rapidly competitive market of cannabis. As the industry becomes stronger, businesses will be compelled to do their best in competing with each other online. Your company has to overshadow your competitors so you can effectively reach your target audience. And to achieve this, it’s integral to build a strong online presence by utilizing the right SEO practices.

Bob’s SEO services will boost your website’s search engine rankings and your brand’s awareness in the cannabis sector. We cater to all business types and sizes across the country. SEO is a great alternative and a more organic method of digital marketing. It’s a powerful tool that is ideal for up-and-coming industries like the cannabis industry.

SEO provides two main benefits to companies like yours. These benefits are as follows:

SEO helps build and strengthen brand awareness

In the simplest terms, SEO places your name out for everyone to see in the online world. It functions similarly to online advertising, except SEO specializes in organic traffic. There’s a huge difference between paid and organic traffic. Paid traffic refers to the leads your site gets online by paying for it. In some ways, it’s an in-your-face type of online advertising.

With organic traffic, every traffic brought into your website was sought out naturally. This is made possible using effective link-building methods and content marketing. Cannabis companies can be better off bringing in organic traffic as paid ads for cannabis-related products through social media channels and can be somewhat limited.

SEO makes a cost-effective solution

SEO is a worthwhile and effective solution for companies in the cannabis sector. Aside from boosting your authority online and building your brand’s visibility, SEO is a long-term strategy for businesses wanting to exponentially grow their business. By using the right SEO practices on your site and developing an effective content marketing strategy, your cannabis company can attract more customers.

Paid advertising stops bringing in traffic the moment you stop paying for it. On the flip side, SEO is an investment that will help your business stay relevant for a much longer time. The content and keywords you incorporate in the key places of your website help you stay online and strong as long as your website’s domain exists. Simply put, you can still gain leads even after you execute SEO, without additional direct cost.


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