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Boost Conversions with Simple Landing Page Improvements

The purpose of SEO is to get your website on the first page (or even the top position) of search engine results for relevant keywords. But the problem is that when your visitors reach your landing page, many of them click out. Sometimes they even leave your website also if they are actively searching for a product you happen to offer! The main reason for this is that your landing page is not optimized correctly.

Here are six simple improvements you can make, which can boost your conversion rate.

  1. Don’t ask for too much information from your visitors. People tend to be lazy online. They don’t want to exert any effort at all. So if your landing page asks for too much info before it reveals what the visitor is searching for, then they will leave.

If you want to get info from your visitors, don’t ask for anything beyond what’s truly essential. For example, if you’re offering a newsletter, do you need more info beyond their name and email address? Asking for a visitor’s address, phone number, birth date, height, favorite color, or whatever is just asking for trouble. For some niches, it may be crucial to ask for more info to create a quality lead. In that case, make it easy for them and do so in a step-by-step format.

  1. Show proof of trustworthiness. You can feature press releases in which your company has been mentioned, and you can specify your accreditations or partnerships with specific organizations. When you show them logos of familiar news outlets or of reputable companies that are your clients, it reassures your visitors that you are a legitimate business. Just make sure this “evidence” is real.
  2. Display credible testimonials. Most people nowadays regard testimonials like the older generation regarded stories in the Penthouse Forum: they’re all made up. So you should offer testimonials, but offer the name and picture of the person providing the testimony. Give the name of their company and a link to an actual interview, if possible.
  3. Offer Live Chat. Sometimes you don’t offer some info that your visitor wants, or perhaps they don’t understand what they see on your site. A live chat feature is indispensable because it encourages them to stay on your website and find out more about what you’re offering.

One advantage of a live chat is that you can oblige the visitor to give out their name and email address. That means you are collecting leads even if they don’t buy anything from your website at the moment.

  1. Make it visible what you want your visitor to do next. It’s all about having a clear call to action, and that usually means you want your visitor to click on a particular link or button. Make sure that this button is strategically placed on your pages: use arrows and an eye-catching color for your buttons.
  2. Get rid of unnecessary text. It’s important that visitors know a lot about what you are offering, but you can’t drown them in writing. To highlight the key benefits instead of providing a practical manual of all the features of your product.

Your landing page is one of the most critical aspects of your business. Improve it unless you want your business to suffer.


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