Admittedly, we don’t often come across with articles that talk about a digital marketing analyst. Sure, digital marketing is a great industry to work in, but it can also bring out the stressful side of you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a technical SEO looking into aspects of a client’s website or even a social media marketer trying to boost the ROI because stress is an will always be there lurking in the corners as long as you’re a digital marketer.

Below are some of the causes of stress you may have faced or are yet to encounter

1. Tight or no budget at all

Having a low budget or worse, nothing at all to work on with makes it extremely stressful for us digital marketers. And if that’s not even enough, this kind of budgets are accompanied with high expectations. Talk about stressful, huh? On top of that, these expectations come in various forms like generating thousands of leads by making a video when there’s not even advertising budget to promote it in the first place.

2. Google updates come now and then

Google is our ally and enemy wrapped up in one entity. To survive in this competitive and dynamic industry, one must be updated with that latest changes and improvements. Some people even go as far as preparing ahead of time before the new updates and algorithm changes come sweeping in. But no matter how much we brace ourselves for the onslaught of changes, these updates still bring a massive amount of stress. Before we can even get used to the latest update, there’s another new one coming. In just a snap, a significant change is already making big changes on our website and our client’s websites.

3. Being skilled in a variety of fields

Whether you’re an in-house marketer or working, or working in an agency, or have your SEO consultancy, I’m pretty sure you’re wearing more than just one hat. For in-house marketers, they are doing all kinds of marketing from SEO, social media expert, PPC specialist to content marketer. In agencies, although marketers have their specializations, they still have to lend a hand to other departments outside their own. And for business owners, they know all too well what it’s like to shift from one task to a bunch of different jobs.

4. Strategy development is yet to show up

There’s always pressure to produce results as soon as possible. Even now that people are aware that digital marketing doesn’t succeed overnight, we can’t take out the inner desire to see the results almost as immediately as when it was implemented.

5. Little to no conversions

Say, you are acing your PPC campaign and can lower the cost per click by a significant amount. Clicks are popping out one after the other, and they’re also coming from where you want them to come. However, the problem now is that no one is buying. Traffic is spectacular by nothing results to conversions. So, imagine how stressful it could be?