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Backlinks Are The Cornerstone Of Any SEO Strategy

Backlinks are the basis of any good SEO strategy. Without them, you will never get the best rankings for your website in search engines. But do not assume that any links will do. The search engines are looking at several factors when deciding where to put a site in their search results. While the number of inbound links is part of the picture, the full view includes the quality and relevance of relationships. A site with a smaller number of backlinks pointing to their side may well outrank a place that has a massive amount of back-links only because the first site has inbound links from quality, trusted websites. Some venture to guess that a high page rank link is worth more than 100 from poor quality sites. I think it is worth much more. There is a big difference between high-quality links and weak quality links. Gov or .edu website links can make all the difference when it comes to obtaining the first page of search engines. One of the reasons why these connections have such an effect is because they are harder to come by, and it is believed that this type of site only links to other reputable web pages. Another factor is relevance. Just sending your links out willy nilly can improve your numbers, but it will do very little when it comes to SEO benefits as the sites are not related to your keywords or site topic. There is also being associated with a “bad neighborhood” to consider, and that may be harmful to the reputation of your site if you are connected to websites that are flagged as such by the search algorithms. So many times I see inexperienced webmasters who want to buy large amounts of links from inexperienced link building suppliers and think they are growing their link popularity, when in fact they do more harm to their page quality score by practicing this method for link building. That’s another thing that Google, Yahoo, and Bing also look at. There should be a natural progression of this popularity. It does not look natural to have 5,000 new links pop up one day and then nothing for another week and then another 5,000 suddenly appear. This pattern shows the search engines that you are trying to manipulate their ranking and may well be that your site gets de-indexed or banned. The best way is to find a means to get useful, high-quality inbound links and build a few each day. If you make 10 of these every day, it will mean that you grow your link popularity by 300 per month. That is nothing to be sneezed at if they all count and all good from all areas and trusted sites. Doing this for even one month, your site jumps into the top spot if your keyword is not incredibly competitive and if it is competitive, without these kinds of links you have no chance no matter how many low-quality links you get. There is no way around it; backlinks are essential to your success so you might as well get used to this and start working on building the types of links search engines value the most and stop wasting your time and money on methods that do nothing to improve your page ranking.


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