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Backlinking Strategies

Backlinking is the process of creating individual links which point back to your site. Keep in mind, all of these links are doFollow and can come from anywhere such as article directories, web properties, forums, or other websites. If you have a fairly new website, backlinking should be done in a gradual manner. By this, we mean it’s a good idea to build 1-3 backlinks a day.

In case you have an established site that has been around a few years, backlinking at an aggressive rate will be fine, but we don’t recommend doing it on new sites. Let’s go ahead and look at some of the top backlinking strategies. Always build backlinks with anchor text and make sure they’re “dofollow”. For example, an anchor text is basically your keyword phrase. You can link your site to that phrase and if you keep doing this on different websites, you can really raise the number of backlinks you have.

It is possible to link pages and also the main website itself. It is difficult to tell if a website is dofollow, but luckily Firefox has it’s own extension. Once you pick up their doFollow extension, go ahead and right click the website you want to link on. If existing links on there are blue, you know the site is doFollow. If not, move onto the next website. Try not to build too many contextual links all at once, I would say that no more than 1-3 links a day for new sites. Google will index links gradually but if you do this for a new site, you could end up in the sandbox. This means your site won’t be found in Google at all, and you will have to wait months for it to show up again.

If you have a site that is established, you can build backlinks much faster without a problem.
Try to always get links from different sources. Use high PR forums, blogs or web 2.0 sites.

A few great web properties are WordPress blogs, LiveJournal and similar sites. Also, you can use article directory sites such as EzineArticles and ArticleBase but you will have to create a quality article in order to obtain a link from there. Need an professional SEO company to assist you? Get in touch with Bobs SEO!

Backlinking Strategies