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Austin SEO

Austin SEO

Austin is the capital of the Texas state that extends up to the Hays and Williamson counties,
making it one of the most populated cities in the United States and Texas, respectively. With
nearly a million people living in Austin, it is no wonder why it is one of the most progressive cities
in the United States to date.

Houston was initially the capital of Texas; however, in 1839, Austin replaced it and was first
incorporated under the name “Waterloo.” The name of the city was then changed shortly
afterward to honor Stephen F. Austin, the Father of Texas and the state’s first secretary.

During the 19th century, Austin became even more significant and was then considered the center for government
and education thanks to the presence of Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas. Later
on, the city grew into a center for technology and business. Presently, Austin is like the ‘breeding
place’ of moguls, tycoons, and larger-than-life international corporations.

Known as the live music capital of the world, the city of Austin is home to thousands of
aspiring and famous musicians. It is a place where you can see different and unique sites and
attractions. Apart from the vibrant live music that goes on every night in different venues, the
city also has food trucks and celebrity chef restaurants. Entertainment is something that you
won’t have to worry about missing out when you’re in Austin because from exhibits and
museums to outdoor activities, they have it all covered.

FUN FACT: In Austin, you can go all weird and wild the way you want thanks to their “Keep
Austin Weird” slogan. Odd, right? Or so you thought because, through this campaign, it reflects
on how Austinites—the residents of Austin—warmly accept and embrace anyone for their
individual and artistic expressions. This way, Austin can maintain its uniqueness and
eccentricity that many cities don’t have nowadays.

Austin: A garden place for flourishing businesses

Known as the fastest-growing large city in the United States, Austin is an excellent place for all types
and sizes of companies to grow into. Several giant companies have their headquarters or
regional offices stationed in Austin. To name a few of these renowned businesses, we have
Amazon, Apple Inc., eBay, Google, PayPal, and Intel.

For those large corporations and even small businesses in Austin, one of the key players that
led them to their success is SEO. Most of them, if not all, likely have employed reputable
Austin SEO consultants to help them achieve their business’s SEO needs.

That said, how could a business know that the Austin SEO company they hired is a good one?
Or better yet, what questions should they be asking before hiring an SEO agency?

Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Austin SEO Company

Working with the right Austin SEO agency is one of the most critical decisions your business
will make. You know you have the ideal SEO company when your page has earned a top ranking
and has driven a significant amount of traffic to your site at a no-cost for every click.

On the flip side, hiring the wrong SEO company will cost you more than what you have bargained for.
Besides the fees that you will spend, poor Austin SEO services can cause your business to go
down the drain and most likely ruin your reputation, too.

To avoid those scary thoughts from becoming a reality, learn about the essential questions that
will help you hire the right SEO agency for your business.

How long will it take for Austin SEO experts to generate results?

When you ask any SEO company on how long they can get your site to rank on search engines
like Google, they’ll probably be waving their hands in front of you in a no-nonsense manner like
it’s an easy-peasy thing to do and say that it’ll take a month or two to produce results.

Trust me, those kind of talks are all lies because the truth is, achieving high organic search rankings especially
for top competitive keywords takes time alongside technical experience, hard work, creativity,
and the use of the right tools.

There is no sure-fire way that these SEO companies can give you an apparent response to this
question without doing lots of research first. Google has even stated that no company can
guarantee a #1 ranking on its search engine. And so, any SEO agency that makes such a
promise is terrible news for you—remember that.

A competent and right Austin SEO expert will research your company and give you an estimate based on
strategy and competitiveness. And they certainly won’t get your hopes up by promising the first-page result
in a certain period without substantial proof or research to back up their claims.

What will the backlink strategy be about?

Backlinks are the groundworks of Google’s algorithm, so it’s baffling how many
businesses still don’t have their backlink strategy. Without the presence of quality backlinks
to your site, it’ll be hard for Google to improve your ranking.

If you notice that you don’t have new links pointing to your site, then it could be an indication
that there is a lack, or more like, an absence of proactive measures on your part. If your team of
Austin SEO consultants say that they are building backlinks to your site, make sure to ask them
for the backlinks profile.

In doing so, you can check yourself all the links and ensure that they are all legit.

Who will represent as the designated contact person?

In most cases, aside from the person selling to you, a different person will be assigned to
serve as your designated point of contact. As part of their Austin SEO services, a professional
SEO firm should be able to elect an individual who you can reach out to anytime by phone,
email, or in person.

The nearer that designated contact is in your time zone, the better for you. Ask your SEO agency
to be introduced to that person and his location to ensure a smooth working relationship in the future.

Subject matters like PPC campaign, blog post ideas, and new products/service to add on your
website are a few examples of topics that your SEO experts should regularly discuss with you.

How experienced is the Austin SEO agency with your industry?

An ideal Austin SEO company should be well-versed on your business’s demographics and
digital marketing needs. For instance, if your store is a local B2C business in your town,
naturally, your SEO strategy should center on Google Maps results for keywords that are
relevant to your products or services.

If your site is driving traffic but is not converting or is only attracting unqualified leads,
then that’s the time that you may need to reconsider your partnership with your SEO service provider.

Meanwhile, if you’re a large and national B2B company, then you will need a different strategy.
A good SEO company should be able to give you valuable insights into the marketing tactics that
will best suit your business.

Is there a way to meet their SEO team beforehand?

Apart from the salesperson, it is beneficial for you to meet the team of Austin SEO experts who
will be working with your business. Various SEO aspects like content development, link
building, technical SEO, and performance analysis and reporting are just some of the things they
have to implement correctly.

Get to know the professional backgrounds of your future SEO team and find out how long they have
been working for the company.

Also, it will be helpful to know the daily activities of the team working on your brand.
Learn about the roles of each person. Perhaps, they specialize in one particular field, or maybe, they
are expert in multiple areas. Preferably, each person should be a specialist in a specific area.

If this is the case, then you’ll be getting the best of each area—content, optimization, and PPC

Hire An SEO Agency That Delivers

Suffice it to say, SEO is a complex field—one that every business should still engage into, no
Matter how daunting it can be. A professional and competent SEO company is never last on the
latest fundamental changes and trends in the industry while still able to proactively adjust their strategies
and practices accordingly.

The key here is always to remember that the primary goal of search engines is to provide quality results
to internet users. As a result, a great SEO company should focus more on delivering quality for users
than with ranking factors and quality of links.

Hopefully, by asking all those questions mentioned above, you’ll be able to avoid falling into the
the trap of hiring an incompetent SEO and instead, find the right Austin SEO firm you can partner with that
will deliver long-term success and positive results.