Artificial Intelligence: One Of The Profound Changes In The Digital Marketing World

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short is an extensive term that consists of many methods in
crafting computer systems that can think and perform tasks the way humans do, or in highly
advanced cases, even better than humans. AI is the new craze nowadays.

In fact, you could almost see it everywhere from virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home to ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. AI is the great force behind these intelligent machines and apps that are proved to be very convenient for our daily lives.

With all those in mind, AI has even increased its status level to being an integral part of our
world. Not only does AI is making major and impactful changes to the design world, but its
influence goes as far as the advertising and marketing landscape.

As a result, marketers are now scrambling for ways to collaborate with digital creative firms to find unique uses for
the technology. In reality, AI has already made known its presence in the digital marketing world with its machine learning and ability to build custom content.

Take a look at the five applications for AI that are already making a good noise in the world of digital marketing.

Behavior analysis

AI is mostly about analyzing a wide expanse of data and making decisions according to its
findings. This predictive analytics approach is a major trigger that led to the shift in digital
marketing. Considering that ads, campaigns, and other promotional materials are based on
buyers’ profiles and other data gathered from buyers’ experiences, this fact only proves how AI is
an ideal tool for the task.

Incorporating insights

When it comes to collecting and incorporating various datasets from different platforms such as
websites, apps, and social media, AI is also great at these. It is capable of performing meta-
analysis that allows it to gather and analyze datasets in a more progressive and intricate way.

Machine learning

Machine learning or ML is a technology that lets machines learn from previous actions or
processes. Not only that, but MI is capable of enhancing its decision-making skills for similar
actions or processes at the later date. Its main uses for digital marketing are search optimization,
ad targeting, and lead generation.

Creation and presentation of customized content

Have you heard or probably used a program called Wordsmith before? Wordsmith is an AI
program that is often used to create content for news outlets and businesses. It collects and
reports on the data it got from the spreadsheet or CSV file that operates under a set of rules to fill pre-made templates in with content. When it comes to the customization of content, AI will right away navigate you to ads, articles, or clips that are considered to be the most relevant to you based on your browsing history.

Lead generation

AI is also able to quickly and easily discover your ideal customers, clients, and work colleagues
in the same way it can effectively generate its own buyer personas. Rather than going through
various CVs and application letters, you can now make your work easier with AI’s ability to
screen applicants and create shortlists, thus, making staff recruitment faster and less costly.
Other AI-operated tools are utilized by many businesses to lower costs, do tedious tasks, and
accelerate information sharing.

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