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Choosing Your Article Keywords

Recently you’ve probably heard some SEO buzz about picking the proper keywords for your articles. By default, search engines look at articles by its top 4 most dominant words. For example, if Google finds a specific word in the article so many times, it will display ads that are related to that word or phrase. It will also rank it according to that key phrase.

Now you see why it is so important to choose the best keywords for your articles, and we’ll go into more depth below: What niche are you targeting? What is your website about? These are the first things that come to mind when picking a keyword. Let’s say you are targeting consumers for your business print and design business. Why not do a keyword that targets your city and design? You can choose something like “Houston Brochure Designs” or a keyword that is similar. Let’s assume this keyword gets 800 searches per month. Well, we want over 2,000 searches a month to ensure you get a decent amount of traffic.

Also, make sure the keyword or phrase you want doesn’t have that much competition. If you want to rank quickly, find a phrase which is under 15,000-20,000 competing websites. Place every keyword in each paragraph, at least once.

I recommend that you to choose long tail keywords that are anywhere from 3-4 words. These are much easier to rank for and convert better. Picking proper keywords for your articles doesn’t mean finding the best one, but a few of them. So, you will need at least 3 keywords. First is your main, then your secondary and third keywords. The two others should relate to your niche. For your design business, let’s add two other keywords which relate such as “brochures, flyers, and business cards”. Google likes to see phrases that are semantically related and this will definitely help your articles rank higher.

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