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Bobs SEO is a top SEO professional. I began my internet marketing and search engine optimization career over 24 years ago before Google ever existed. When it comes to affordable, effective organic search engine optimization, we are a leading online marketing consultancy. I have worked with local companies throughout the U.S. and a few international corporations.

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Bobs SEO has appeared on authoritative websites such as Fox, NBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur,, and Inc among other news portals.


We give ethical SEO services that have endured the test of time – over 24 years actually. Our tactics are effective and have been shown to place your website at the top of search engine results pages.

These are the search engine optimization services we offer to local and national businesses.


Are you on the first page of Google for your money-related search terms?

I’ve worked with search engine optimization for Las Vegas businesses for over two decades.

When it comes to a good SEO strategy, I’m continually experimenting and keeping up with the latest algorithmic changes and ranking tactics. When you’re ready to take your online presence seriously, give me a call.

Hosting in the Cloud

How quickly do the pages on your website load?

When it comes to search engine marketing, uptime and speed are two key aspects of website hosting.

We have your website hosted on a top cloud server like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or something similar after you become a client.
Your rankings will undoubtedly increase with near-perfect uptime and a lightning-fast site.

Design for the Web

What is the current state of your website’s professionalism?

We create user-friendly, search engine-friendly websites for our Las Vegas, Nevada clients.

They not only look beautiful, but they also help your business convert more sales and rank higher in search results. On the internet, first impressions are crucial.

The Internet and Social Media

Are you happy with your company’s present social media presence?

If you’re serious about selling your products or services on the internet, you’ll need a strong social presence.

It is common knowledge that social media marketing has a significant impact on search engine rankings.

Marketing with Content

Is the information on your website interesting and informative?

When it comes to SEO, it has been argued that content is “King.”

We also make changes to your existing material and set KPIs.
We write fresh, interesting articles and blog entries that search engines appreciate.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Is your brand referenced and acknowledged on websites that are relevant to your industry and location?

We create citations, as well as brand mentions and backlinks from local authorities.

We also improve your Google My Business listing and guarantee that your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is consistent across the web.


When it comes to ranking your website organically through the use of search engine optimization, it is a well-known truth in SEO circles that there are at least 200 criteria to consider.
Bobs SEO has been doing SEO and internet marketing for over two decades.

Each SEO campaign should incorporate the ranking variables listed below, which I consider to be some of the most significant.


One of the most crucial parts of the “keyword research” process is choosing the right search terms to target and rank for.

We identify the finest search keywords that have the highest buyer intent and conversion potential.

Architecture of Site

The importance of having a well-structured website cannot be overstated.
Google must be able to crawl and index all of your site’s pages with ease.

The internal connecting structure is an important ranking signal that is sometimes missed.

social Authority

Social media has evolved into not only a need for your company but also a key ranking component in search engine optimization.

We provide the appropriate social signals to Google, ensuring that your company receives the attention it deserves.

experience of the user

Every website visitor who lands on your page should have a positive user experience.

The longer a person remains on your site, the more likely you are to convert them into potential customers.

updated monthly reports

Although not a ranking factor, it is nonetheless significant.

Monthly ranking reports that display the daily ranking position for each targeted search phrase over a specified time period.


All of the ranking elements linked with the actual code of the website URL (or page) you are trying to rank are included on the site pages.

Title, headline (H1), subheading (H2), page load speed, content length, URL length, and other factors are examples.


All “off-page” ranking signals are referred to as SEO that is performed “off-site” (NOT included within the website code).

PR distribution, blog posts, relevant directory submission, authority backlink development, social sharing, and other methods are just a few examples.

page Load speed

When it comes to ranking in the search results, the importance of website speed cannot be emphasized.

A fast-loading site not only ranks higher but also gives a better user experience.

web core vitals

A recent collection of criteria that Google believes to be essential in terms of user involvement and page performance metrics.

An upgrade was released about a year ago in May or June 2021.

about Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city in the western United States known for being the world’s entertainment center. Native Americans were the first people to live in the area.

The area didn’t gain popularity until 1855, when Mormon missionaries created Las Vegas, Nevada. To trade with passengers on their way to California, the Mormons built a fort along what is now known as Fremont Street.

However, Las Vegas, Nevada did not begin to expand until 1931, when gambling was permitted in Nevada and limited gaming licenses were issued.

Taking a tour of the casino floor is one of the most popular activities in Las Vegas, NV if you’re searching for a good time. There are numerous casinos in the downtown area, so you will always be able to select one that appeals to you.

These days, search engine optimization is a difficult task to master.

SEO is now more competitive than it has ever been.
It’s becoming more difficult to make progress with so many companies vying for top search engine rankings.

SEO practitioners are confronted with new issues as search engine optimization evolves, as do the challenges they encounter. The algorithm has evolved, as has the way we search the internet for information.

As a result, many SEO professionals are losing touch with technological advancements and are finding it difficult to keep current on a daily basis.
However, there are still methods to remain ahead of the competition!

With Google altering the rules on a regular basis, social media is just as competitive, and the Internet is far too broad for any single corporation to dominate.

A Las Vegas SEO expert like Bobs SEO can be really beneficial.

The Internet is a huge place with a lot of information that might be tough to find.
That’s why it’s critical to locate someone you can trust for help, whether it’s an SEO expert or someone else.

The SEO consultants in Las Vegas are experts in their area and will assist you in reaching your target audience. They advertise your website using a range of tactics, including link building, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

easy search engine optimization?

One of the most common SEO tactics in the “old days” was to keep repeating your keyword. Your website would be ranked if you included a few strong keywords.
Since then, technology and developments in local SEO and search engine algorithmic ranking have come a long way.

the king is Google

When it comes to internet search, Google is without a doubt the industry leader by a significant margin, with over 24,000 patents. Given that Google is used by the vast majority of internet users in the United States, it’s only natural that it should be our primary emphasis when it comes to SEO, or “search engine optimization” tactics.

Our SEO services are all white hat, ethical, and, most importantly, adhere to Google’s search engine optimization rules.

SEO for companies

Through organic search engine optimization, we assist local companies, national franchises, and larger organizations in growing their brand and web presence.
We recognize that pricing is a major consideration when deciding which online marketing agency to hire to help you improve your website’s visibility.

We are proud of the fact that we are capable of delivering outcomes that are on par with or better than most larger agencies, but at a much cheaper monthly cost.
This ability is what allows us to provide a higher return on investment (ROI) to our clients than any other marketing or advertising strategy.


If you have a website, you are certainly aware of the importance of organic traffic in terms of increasing visibility.
You can have the most visually stunning web page on the Internet, packed with helpful information, graphics, and content, but what good is it if no one knows it exists?

Positioning your website on the first page of Google is the best approach to attract quality, potential clients.
The better, the higher up in the search results.
Simply put, organic search engine optimization is required to achieve this.

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination as well as a fantastic site to do business.

Why not hire a reputable Las Vegas SEO firm to manage your internet presence?

Some people argue that they don’t need an SEO firm since they have a large number of followers on social media, but as new platforms emerge, those followers may vanish or be diluted. People come and go from Las Vegas all the time, so investing in an online solution makes sense.

You can also hire an SEO company to focus on certain areas of expertise. You might choose to hire a company that specializes in real estate or restaurants, for example.
An experienced Las Vegas SEO firm will know which keywords to utilize and how to optimize your website so that it ranks higher in search results.

BobsSEO is a search engine optimization and SEO firm based in Las Vegas that serves clients around the United States.
We specialize in a variety of fields, including online design and development.

Our main goal as a Las Vegas SEO firm is to give the finest results possible for our clients by utilizing effective SEO tactics.
Our clients will be able to rank higher in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS), increasing their online presence.


Search engines have become an integral part of our daily life. They assist us in locating what we want to buy, learning about what we want to learn about, and figuring out how to solve difficulties.

A search engine is a computer program that conducts internet searches on behalf of a user. Crawling the web and indexing the text content of the most accessible websites throughout the world is used to conduct these searches.

Search engines are divided into three categories based on who or what they are utilized for: the general public, businesses, and government entities. The best search engines are the ones that provide the most accurate and relevant results.


Las Vegas SEO firms are in high demand right now. It’s due to numerous industry developments, such as Google’s algorithm upgrades and social media. SEO specialists are frequently hired by businesses to help them rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

When looking for the top SEO business in Las Vegas, NV, there are various factors to consider. Image search, local (Google Maps) search, video search, national search, and academic search are all possible targets for digital marketing companies.

Businesses desire to be at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) when it comes to SEO. However, there are numerous things that can be done incorrectly and harm your rankings. SEO agencies in Las Vegas can help you stay on top by ensuring that your content is search engine optimized and that your website is easy to navigate and filled with compelling, shareable material.

A PREMIER SEO consultant in vegas

You’ll need a knowledgeable SEO consultant in Las Vegas to fine-tune and structure your website so that it ranks well in search engine results (SERPs).
This is what will increase your company’s sales and earnings.

It’s annoying when your gorgeous website can’t get past the third or fourth page, but your competitor’s awful website is stealing all of your business since it’s ranking higher in the SERP (search engine results pages).

Fortunately for you, we are here to assist you as the top SEO consultant in Las Vegas.
We’ll get your brand and website to rank higher than your competition so you can be the market leader in your field.


You’ll hear grandiose promises and exaggerated expectations from certain Vegas SEO firms. You wind up paying thousands of dollars in the hopes that they will be able to deliver on their promises.

Unfortunately, you will soon find yourself in the same (or worse) situation than before you hired them! You’ll never have to worry about this with Bobs SEO. When you make a commitment to us, we make a commitment to you. We take pleasure in keeping our word and exceeding your expectations, and we won’t be content until you are.


Working with seasoned SEO gurus like Bobs SEO will save you money on average. But it doesn’t mean you’re getting less value for your money – just the contrary. We exclusively employ tried-and-true methods that will help you rank higher and get more quality, targeted visitors. This, of course, leads to increased sales and customers.

We’re obsessed with SEO and digital marketing. We have the skills and expertise to propel your brand and website to the top of search results, as we have for our current and previous clients.


We employ ethical, effective search engine optimization marketing tactics that have proven to be effective over time. You have nothing to lose by working with us, and you can rest easy knowing that you made the right choice.

Bobs SEO  (702) 722-9275
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Commonly Asked Questions
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The practice of ranking your website higher in the search results for your selected search term is known as SEO (also known as “search engine optimization.”).

Why should I engage a search engine optimization firm?

Hiring an experienced, professional SEO specialist is the ideal choice if you want to save money, and time, and avoid a potential disaster (by receiving a penalty).

How much does SEO set you back?

This is mostly determined by the level of competition in your sector.

From the least competitive to the most competitive businesses, your monthly investment can vary substantially.
Contact us today if you want a high return on investment and excellent results!

What’s the difference between SEO and search engine marketing (SEM)?

Only organic search engine results are addressed by SEO. Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to any paid advertising that appears in search results.
Do you want highly qualified leads that are highly targeted?
Please give us a call.

How long does ranking take?

It is very dependent on a number of circumstances. Things include your website’s age, how competitive (or not) your sector is, site architecture, website speed, domain authority, ranking page authority, social presence, and more.

What distinguishes you from other firms?

The most significant distinction between Bobs SEO and most other services is the higher degree of personal attention I deliver. Unlike some of the larger agencies, you will just be working with me.


areas of Service

“Bob was a pivotal figure in my life. In only a few years, I went from a struggling small firm to making a healthy profit and selling the company. This was largely due to Bob and his abilities. He’s a dream to work with and always responds quickly. He’s evolved into more than simply a contractor; he’s become a great friend. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Bobs SEO.”

– Anne G

“We own and operate a financial consulting firm here in Vegas.” Bob has greatly aided us in increasing our web visibility. As a result, our sales have been steadily increasing since we began working with him and his digital marketing firm over 7 years ago (and counting). If you get the opportunity to work with him, I strongly advise you to do so. He is, without a doubt, a top SEO consultant in Las Vegas.”

– A. Brumbaugh

“I rarely write reviews, but I believe this one is warranted. We are overjoyed that one of our colleagues suggested we contact Bobs SEO for assistance with our digital marketing efforts. We already had an internet presence, but we wanted to step it up a notch. We have a health supplement e-commerce store (highly competitive). Within the first 60 days, Bob adopted his SEO techniques, which raised our product sales by 30% by month four. Since then, our organic reach has steadily increased – we are currently in our second year of employing his SEO services.”

– Marty Anderson

“Bob is the best SEO expert in Las Vegas, hands down.” Others talk a good game but don’t always deliver — Bob is the real deal. For most of my search phrases, I started on page 4 or 5, and now I’m at the top of page 1 for the majority of the essential ones. My practice has grown, and we’ve had to hire more people to handle the new business that Bob and his team have brought us. He is your man if you need a search engine optimization professional in Las Vegas.”

– Debi Carlton

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