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7 Primary Tasks Of Your SEO Agency

Working with an SEO agency for your business means you have to be knowledgeable enough to
know the main things they should do for your company. Depending on the scope of your SEO
contract, any SEO agency should be able to give you the following essential services;

  1. Establish goals and strategy

    Sometimes goals can go outside the borderline of reality meaning they are not viable. When
    establishing growth goals, it is important to only consider realistic goals. In addition, your SEO
    agency should lay down their methods of setting solid and reasonable targets. Using those goals,
    the current status of your website and the necessary improvements, they should be able to come
    up with a strategy for the following year.
  2. Notify you in any SEO-related things

    Your SEO agency should be liable to notify you of anything that concerns your SEO strategy,
    especially when it is critical to your business. Instances like an algorithm update were released,
    or when there is a new search result feature that got out for you to leverage on are just a few of
    the many SEO news you should know about.
  3. Perform keyword researches

    A significant portion of SEO is about contextual relevance. Relevance in a sense that your
    content should contain keywords that speak volumes about it. This is why is crucial for any SEO
    specialist to conduct a couple of keyword research every now and then. Through keyword
    research, you can determine other SEO issues such as your content marketing strategy and risk
    assessments. Most importantly, your content is properly optimized for contextual relevance, thus,
    skyrocketing your chance of being on top results pages.
  4. Give reports on the performance of your website

    Your SEO agency should also give you at least a monthly report on the strategies they have
    implemented and recommended. Along with it, they should also provide more details on how
    their recommendations will benefit your company as well as their SEO plans for the next month
    or so. Having this will allow you to monitor the efficiency of your agency and determine how
    well your website is responding to their methods.
  5. Conducting regular website audits

    As website and search engines are always subject to various changes, it is crucial for your SEO
    agency to conduct site audits at least quarterly. Doing this will help them asses the changes and
    performance then fix and improve those that need fixing and improving.
  6. Identify technical issues

    Another main responsibility of your SEO agency is to discover and solve technical issues of your
    website that greatly affect relevance, authority, indexing, and crawling. Once they have
    determined the problem, your agency should speak with you about the solution. Also, SEO
    professionals are not liable for advanced coding and technical issues, however, they can work
    together with website developers to come up with the desired results.
  1. Optimize each of your web pages

    Lastly, your SEO agency should be able to optimize your content. They should target pages that
    have the highest probability for revenue gains. Instead of just focusing on individual pages, it is
    best to generate a measurable content such as programmatically optimizing title tags.


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