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5 Ideas For An Online Business

There are a vast number of legitimate internet businesses you can create that have nothing whatsoever to do with being a marketer. Working from home does not mean you have to be an affiliate marketer or sell products; offering services is much more profitable and much more in demand. There has been a significant boom in the online service industry in the past few years so if you are looking for a legitimate way to start a business, with little or no investment, providing business services is a great way to go. You can use your existing skills, or quickly learn new skills that are in demand and get paid by companies looking to outsource those services. You are not limited to strictly data entry. Below are a few ideas of in-demand businesses you might consider.

  1. Audio Voice-Overs. Many companies are looking for people with an excellent speaking voice to record audios for their video and PowerPoint presentations. If you think you could create commercial-like voice-overs. This business may be one you would be interested in. Most computers come with standard voice recording capabilities. All you need is a USB microphone that runs around $30-$40 and some free software such as Audacity, and you are in business. Set up a website and begin promoting your business or offer your services on a freelance service such as o-Desk or any of the other freelance sites available.
  2. Translation Service. Because the internet is a global market, many businesses are looking to reach a wider audience with their websites. If you are fluent in more than one language, you can turn that into a business. Offer your translation services for websites, information products, and promotional materials to help companies expand their market reach. You do not need any investment, other than a site and some essential promotion to start this type of business.
  3. Video Creation Service. We all know how popular video has become a marketing strategy, yet many people are not comfortable creating videos, or they believe it is more complicated than it is. With the use of PowerPoint, screen capture software, and necessary video editing software, you can provide this service. Most of the required software is available for free or for a minimal investment. If you do not already know how to create videos, there are many free tutorials available for you to learn the skills. This is a shallow cost business to a startup that is currently in significant demand.
  4. Content Creation Services. Whether it be for blog content, newsletters, or article marketing, there is a significant demand for high-quality writing. If you have excellent research skills, above-average writing skills, and can write on any given topic, then this business will be right up your alley. Many companies know the importance of maintaining a company blog, but they lack either the desire or the time/staff to do it themselves. A blog assistant or ghostwriter will create the content for them, post it to their blog or article directories, and they will not have to worry about the task not getting done. The only investment you will need is a website and an essential promotion to get this business started.
  5. Virtual Assistants. If you have good knowledge of essential Office software and the internet, you can be a virtual assistant. A VA’s tasks may include research, customer service, data entry, bookkeeping, creating PDFs, maintaining blogs, and any number of other jobs. As a VA, you can offer all of these services or specialize in only a few. Businesses are always looking for knowledgeable people to add to their teams or to train to do the tasks they require. All you need is a website and a bit of promotion. You can offer the services through a freelance site, but you should also have your website to give more information to prospective clients.

These are just five ideas for starting a legitimate online business, and there are many, many more options available to you. Almost any skill or service can be learned online and used to create a marketable, and profitable, business with very little start-up investment.


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