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With the increasing demand for videos across the vast internet world, the importance of brands integrating quality videos into their marketing strategies is becoming evidently clear. Whether you promote your videos through Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, it is also important to note that video is now winning many favors in the content marketing world. Nevertheless, the bigger problem now—especially for startups and SMBs—is that creating high-quality videos requires a huge amount of money, something that is out of their budgets. Having said that, with the technology and resources available at hand today, it is completely plausible for a business with a relatively low budget for its video marketing to produce excellent videos. Here are four ways to help you save a couple of dollars and create high-quality videos without breaking the bank.

  1. Use popular freelance websites

Online freelancing platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.com are just two of the many great places where you can look for affordable video creators for your video marketing. Considering the steady rise of freelancing work today, you will have no problem looking for talented video producers who excel at creating high-quality videos at an inexpensive rate. In most cases, the pre-employment screenings are what consumers most of your time. While there are plenty of incredible freelancers out there, but there are also dreadful ones, so be careful of them. Take a look at their previous client testimonials, work history, and their portfolio before selecting the final applicant.

  1. Leverage on budget-friendly tools and apps

In the video creation marketplace, there are tons of tools and applications that can remarkably reduce your video marketing expenses without compromising the quality of the videos. For example, you can use Adobe Spark, an application that lets you create videos with ease that are already prepped for social media posting. There’s also an app called Ripl that easily strings together photos and other media files to create quality and bite-sized videos for your social media profiles.

  1. Target film students

Being a broke college student is one of the most common struggles of students today. As a result, many film students who have a real knack for creating videos are on a lookout for some extra cash and additional specs in exchange for generating video content for you. Apart from posting on the everyday hiring platforms, you should also try posting jobs on a university’s job fairs and private job boards for greater options. You never know, you may find a brilliant video maker who will cost you even less than you anticipated.

  1. Conduct an exchange of services

This is the part where you can channel your creative side. Think about how you can offer your video creator something valuable in exchange for them constantly producing high-quality videos for you. For instance, you can use your website to advertise the freelancer’s services to your audience. Or maybe you can offer them a free workspace and desktop in your own business office. Anything that is valuable to them can be possible.

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