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4 Useful DIY Tools For Your Business

One good thing about having a small business is that you are not compelled to compete with major brands, brands that are entirely out of your league, especially if you’re starting, hence, you have a higher chance of succeeding in the small business industry. To become a reputable business and building a loyal clientele will take you quite some time and can require too much work on your end as business owners. Fortunately, there are several DIY tools to help grow your small business. To know more about these tools, read on as we go through our list for today.

Photo Editing Tools

Your digital marketing strategy wouldn’t be complete without images and graphics. Putting up images—especially original ones—, memes and infographics are said to be very influential when it comes to attracting consumers to your business. In fact, according to studies, articles with images get more views, and in most cases, consumers are likely to be in contact with that business. To those small business owners who want to benefit from this consumer trend, you can do this by using photo editors to edit and enhance pictures and create banners and infographics. One example of a DIY editing tool is Pixlr Editor, a free tool that allows users to apply various editing features, including layers, filters, resizing, and more. If you’re looking for customized templates, you can use Canva for one.

DIY Video Makers

When talking about branded videos for public relations purposes and customer tutorials, YouTube is the number one channel for every business, small or not. If properly made, these videos have great potential to be a huge influencing factor for customers to buy your products. Your videos must be able to come across your business’ vision to the public and should be able to reach out to your targeted audience. Unluckily for small business owners, they don’t usually have the luxury to spare a considerable budget for a professional video production company. This is where DIY video-making tools will come in handy. Websites like Showbox will assist you in creating a branded video with readymade templates and graphics bundles.

DIY Website Builders

According to statistics, more than half of businesses make use of their website as a means of promoting their products and services to their customers. Consequently, a good number of small companies are already adapting to the digital marketing trend, which means they are now putting up their very own websites. Instead of spending a considerable chunk of money on a company to build your website, why not use an online website builder and utilize their templates for creating your website? Two examples of website builders are Wix and GoDaddy, both known for their wide variety of customized models and graphics that are suited for starting businesses.

DIY Podcast Creators

Another way to connect with consumers is through podcasts. Podcasts serve as a tool that enables you to put a unique voice to your business for your potential clients. It can also be used to let your customers know how extensive your expertise and knowledge are. If you are on a tight budget, you can seek help from DIY podcast builders’ tools to create your podcast. Most podcasts creators are accompanied by some management and promotional services. Another practical way is to make your podcasts from scratch. You can found several online tutorials for this.


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