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3 Cost Effective Digital Marketing Methods

Who says having a small budget will hinder you from using digital marketing and see high
returns for your business? Low budget or not, incorporating digital marketing strategies in your
campaign is possible with these cost-effective methods.

If you wished to boost your ROI for digital marketing strategies, then it is highly advisable to
consult with an expert. No matter how small, medium-sized, or large your
company is, most brands aim to grow their business by following their objectives and with the
maximum ROI as possible as they can.

Speaking from the perspective of all companies, their focus is to maximize conversions for the lowest possible costs. As a business owner yourself, this entails you to ensure that every single dollar used up should have the fair chance of turning a potential customer into an actual one. For small businesses that center on B2C transactions, it is essential to head start with these marketing tactics on a limited trial budget.

Below are the three practical strategies that work with reasonable marketing budgets.

1. Social media marketing

Reaching out to the target audience with specific demographics can be challenging, but with social
media, doing that can now more straightforward and more accessible. Facebook and Instagram are just two of the
popular social media channels that are perfect for promoting your products or services without
being costly. Moreover, with the use of social media influencers and highly target posts, you can
now choose the audience to see your ads. According to data about consumer behavior and
segmentation, a small business can have the same reach its competitors have over social media
while not spending too much of their budget. For photo advertising, Instagram works best, but a
call to action button can still be embodied in your image content. These types of advertising help
you establish trust between your customers.

2. Retargeting

Another cost-effective method is the retargeting of your ads. When a user first comes to your
site, they may forget about your brand after their initial visit unless you’re able to engage
with them again. If that is the case, then you need to impose a strong brand recognition and
ensure that they will go back to your website instead of filling their intent elsewhere. This
advertising strategy is a great way to keep track of your audience and entice them to come back
to your page once they have shown interest in your kind of content.

3. Email marketing

If you like email marketing up to the newest marketing trends, it may pale in comparison and
seem like a strategy that you can take lightly. Some people dislike receiving unasked-for emails,
especially regularly. However, thanks to the well-listed campaigns that provide value to
your customers, you can create useful content. This can be an excellent way to provide
more information about your products and business to your customers. To ensure that you have
maximized your ROI, you must highly consider using any or all those three strategies in your
marketing campaign.

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