Search Engine Optimization

According to many of the best Las Vegas search engine optimization companies, it’s pretty much an inarguable fact that businesses today really need an effective social networking strategy. Social networking gives your customers a more intimate look at your business and the social interaction gives you a better opportunity to engage your target audience. Social networking also has SEO implications. In general, the more effective your social networking efforts are, the higher your main website appears on Google SERPs. But you have to do it right. Do it wrong, and you’re wasting your efforts because your SEO doesn’t improve. Do it really wrong, and it may even hurt your ranking. Here are 7 mistakes you should avoid when it comes to social networking: Mistake #1: Your social media business pages are not open to the public. This is one of the stupidest things you can do. You are cutting yourself off from your potential customers, and when your social media sites are private they don’t help your Las Vegas search engine optimization efforts. Mistake #2: You use a Facebook Profile instead of a business page. This is a cardinal sin, because it’s against Facebook’s rules. A profile has to represent an individual and not an organization, and the profile can’t be used to promote an individual professionally. If Facebook finds out, you risk getting shut down and access to your Facebook content can be revoked. There’s no good reason to commit this “sin,” because the Facebook Page is actually better for your business. Mistake #3: You use a generic Facebook URL instead of a custom Facebook URL. With a custom Facebook URL, you have a new way to increase brand awareness. You also make it easier for people to find your Facebook page. Take a look. A link that reads: is much better overall than a link like this: You need to find an available name, and you better make sure you can live with your chosen URL. You won’t be able to change it later on. Mistake #4: Your business name is not your Facebook Page name. Now is not the time to be cute or adventurous. Just do the right thing and make sure your business name is your Facebook page name. Mistake #5: You upload images to your social pages with generic names. We are talking about SEO here, and that means you need to be aware of keywords and phrases. So you can’t just post images and videos with names like video23, img543, or photo786. Label them with meaningful names instead. The same rule applies: use descriptive keywords which people use in search engine queries. That should help your website get a higher ranking. Mistake #6: You plagiarize content from other websites. This can be a very convenient way for small business to get content without spending too much time on it. But the problem here is that Google really frowns on this sort of thing. Besides, visitors to your Facebook page may notice and you’ll get a bad rep. Mistake #7: You don’t have a Google+ page. Google loves Google+ so you have to (learn to) love it too. Avoid making these mistakes, and your social optimization will be much more effective.